Ten items we wish we had not bought for our baby

Sometimes the miracle must buys are not worth it

We all have products that we thought would be amazing but that turned out to be a complete waste of money. Over the past year, since we welcomed Molly into the world, we have bought numerous products and I have put together our ten top products that we wish we had not bothered parting our cash for.

1 - Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo (£79.99)


I know many people rave about the Jumperoo and it is one thing they would have for all children but for us we have found the Jumperoo to be a complete waste of money. Molly did not understand the jump part of the jumperoo and would only play with the toys. It has allowed me to have a shower whilst she played but I could have put her in her activity seat or high chair for that.

We also had Molly at physiotherapy and the physiotherapist has said they are seeing more and more children who have problems with balance, standing steady, or standing on tip-toes, being referred to them and they absolutely hate them. The increase in use if the items seems, according to our physiotherapist, be increasing referrals. We we referred for a completely different reason, when Molly was three months old, and had to go to another area (35 miles away) because out council area had a huge waiting list for physiotherapy.

2 - Baby swing/bouncer seat


Maybe it will be different the next time round but as M was our first baby I found that I managed pretty well just holding her whenever I was wanting to get things done, or putting her in her moses basket. If I needed her sat for a few minutes, whilst I ran upstairs or put washing out, I occasionally put her down in her car seat if it was in the house. This just took up space.

3 - Shoes, booties, footwear


Nothing, I mean nothing, will stay on a baby' foot if your baby doesn't want it to. There are some shoes that are better at staying on then others but even if you think they are on so tight the foot could fall off, it won't be the foot that falls off, the shoe will drop off in seconds.

4 - Bath thermometer

I don't know about you but when I put my hand in the bath water I do so to test how warm it is and I can do that without the need of a thermometer. We did get one but I stopped looking at it as I found that Molly preferred the water to be a smidge (not much) warmer. I know the difference between warm and too hot. I don't need a thermometer to help me with that.Our midwife said the same when we had our antenatal classes. Thankfully the thermometer was not expensive and is shaped like a duck so Molly still uses it.

5 - Snot sucker

Okay thankfully we did not buy this but when Molly had her first cold we did look at them and wonder. We found a tissue or wipe did the trick without the risk of choking in a baby's boggie.

6 - Mothercare Xpedior

I won't go into it too much here as I have written in the past about our problems with this pram. Basically first impressions can be wrong and a pram we thought was good was one we thankfully got to exchange for a new and much better one! You get what you pay for with this so be sure that you can't afford another pram before getting this one.

7 - Baby gym


Maybe it was the brand of the baby gym - the one with the arch over a mat - that did not agree with us but the one we had the arches were far too high for Molly to reach so I failed to see the point in them. I think it is something that I would maybe think of buying for the next baby but it would not be the brand that we had this time (which I don't know what it is lol). It looked pretty though.

8 - Manual breast pump

When I had Molly I was determined to breast feed but Molly had different ideas so I cracked out the manual breast pump I had in the hope I could produce enough milk for her to get breast milk from. The only thing I got was froth! Thankfully the local maternity unit allowed us to borrow a hospital grade pump for a month so Molly got some breast milk but that manual breast pump will not see the light of day again. Hopefully I can breast feed another baby but if I have to express it will be done using an electric pump.

9 - Baby books

Okay so I am a book lover and I will read these books and I did from time to time but I could have got the same information from Google or Twitter. I don't regret them as I never regret a book purchase but whenever I had a problem or niggle I forgot about the books and looked online. The same went for the baby name books. These books are more for humour than value. I mean at one time I had my baby as Baby Bacon Boner Brown using names found in out baby name book!

10 - Talcum Powder

We have loads of this stuff and have never used it. We were told not to by every health professional around and so it has stayed unused in our cupboard. For the first few months we barely used baby shampoo/bodywash either.

Do you regret buying anything?

This is my list and I know so many mums would recommend the Jumperoo, for example, so what are your worst baby buys?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. We bought a coco bloom bouncer, waste of money. First pram from eBay broke, wouldn't buy a second hand pram again!!!

  2. It's amazing how much some parents think they need for their baby that is really unnecessary. Having a large age gap between my second and third, it made me so aware of how little a baby actually needs. But even I kept getting drawn in with the hype of particular items and I had to slap myself and say "do they really?" 9 times out of 10 the answer was no x

  3. Never heard of the coco bloom bouncer but will know to avoid lol.

  4. Yeah I think I knew that I didn't need the things I bought, luckily I got most of the stuff given to us so we din't waste too much money.

  5. This is SUCH a helpful post!! It's so easy to get caught up in all the excitement and buy absolutely everything for a new baby isn't it? Will definitely bare these tips in mind, although I'm afraid it's too late for some of the items! Haha xxx