Why did she stop eating?

Can't eat, won't eat

Over the past couple of weeks we have been struggling to get Molly to eat anything. If we just knew why she wasn't eating it would help.


At the start of the month she had a viral infections (is this the only diagnosis Drs believe in?) so we thought it could be that but she soon seemed to recover from that but still didn't want to eat anything.

I say she would not eat anything but she was still eating fruit. If she ever spots a piece of fruit when she is having her dinner she will stop eating because she would prefer fruit. Oh and if we gave her Wotsits or Quavers she would certainly eat them!

We then thought she was maybe teething but we have yet to see any evidence of this. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

The thing that got us wondering is that she would eat junk so maybe she is being fussy? She has always been so good with food so for us this comes as new territory that we haven't explored yet and feel so out of our depth about it.

She would call for food, get excited for it, open her mouth then close her mouth just as the food was about t touch her lips and would then refuse to open her mouth again.

For a week she lived on a few segments of a satsuma a day, and a tiny bit of milk.

Then yesterday we cooked her favourite, steamed broccoli, and she devoured it along with some breaded chicken! It was the most she had eaten for weeks. She then devoured her breakfast banana and seemed to still be a bit moany so we gave her a brioche which she finished. We were so relieved. At lunch she barely had anything but at tea she had mashed tatties, broccoli and hot dog.

Now we have noticed she hasn't been putting her fingers in her mouth so much so maybe she had teething pain but it has eased? She has been sleeping a lot still but does seem a bit happier in herself.

How do you know the reason behind your child's eating problems? How do you cope with it? HELP

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  1. It could have been teething - sore gums? or maybe she was going through a little faze of food refusal? sometimes children do things without ever finding out why.


  2. Lamb hasn't eaten properly for over a year now and if I'm honest I've given up. I can't cope with the tears when we put food in front of him. He lives off dry cereal, cereal bars, chips, bread sticks, cheese straws, crisps, yoghurts, apples, pears, grapes and satsumas. Plus the odd rice cake. I give him other things and he has a complete melt down. He just won't try any 'proper food'. I hope your little one doesn't ever get as bad as Lamb. I'd give up sleep again to get him to eat more. xx #sundaystars

  3. Babies are funny creatures and they'll do what they want. My mum always told me that no child will go hungry voluntarily, if they're hungry they will eat. Especially if it's food they enjoy. Keep going, sounds like you're doing a good job!!

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

  4. We have phases and stages of this. sometimes it was due to teeth and cold food helped better that was easy to slip down, sometimes it was a demand for independence (I do it) and giving over the spoon, sometimes he wanted to be fed like a baby again. And now sometimes it is actually because he doesn't like something!!!!

  5. My little boys 15 months and will go through vases of eating loads and vases of barley anything, I just guessed it was growth spurts. it's so hard to tell when they can't tell you! Xx

  6. We've never had any eating problems with Alexander, yet (the ever crucial yet). My input is coming in the way of teething. Alexander was teething for a very long time until a tooth came through - from the start of teething to the signs of first tooth was about three months, so it could very well be that. Or, it could have just been a phase, babies do like their phases!

  7. I think it is teething but yet no teeth have come. She is a year old and only two teeth so that is our first guess.

  8. Awww wow poor Lamb, I guess you get to the point that the stress gets too much to keep forcing him to try and eat. Maybe he will just come out of it one day?

  9. That is hwo we have been thinking about it - they wont starve themselves! But I wouldn't mind that if I thought she was just being fussy but if it was because it hurt her to eat then I'd rather give her easier foods. That said she seems to be doing better with food and seems happier in herself too.

  10. I think there was something wrong with her as she seems to be back to normal now and eating most things.

  11. Sounds like it is normal then. M is 12 months but this is the worst phase we have had

  12. I think there was teething pains, though no new teeth, but also she wasn't right and now seems to be coming out of that phase!

  13. I know with my girls they go through phases of being little fuss pots I've noticed the trick is not to rise to it don't make another dinner ect when they're hungry they will eat! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x