Wildlife spotting at Bluestone Wales

So much wildlife to spot in Bluestone

When you visit Bluestone Wales you can't not go for a walk and when you do you will have the chance to watch so much wildlife around you. Some great but free fun for all ages.

Molly is fascinated with animals of all kinds so it was great to be able to watch birds and ducks with her - which she waved and said hiya to.

My favourite was the Robin Red Breast that visited us whilst we visited the bakery in the village.


The birds were not shy round us as they knew there would be crumbs available for eating. They took it in turns to fly down to our table and eat what scraps there were. It is not often we have been so close to birds like this but it was great.


Other birds also visited whilst we ate our lunch, picking up crumbs from our sandwiches and sausage rolls.

We then went for a walk round the pond where we saw ducks. It is a pity e didn't have any bread to feed them with as I think Molly would have enjoyed that immensely.


There were a variety of different birds and ducks but as I am clueless about them I can not tell you what varieties we saw.


Also dotted about the complex were a few wildlife boxes which I think would be fascinating to watch in the summer when all the beasties and bugs have moved in! I was a bit disappointed not to have seen anything in the ones I looked in but they looked fairly new so it was not too much of a shock. It was also February so that won't have helped.


I have seen some people post pictures of squirrels but we never saw them, which is a pity, but the while place was teaming with life and Molly enjoyed witnessing some animals that she has not seen before.


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