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Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup

When I won a straw cup on a competition on Facebook hosted by Munchkin I was a bit apprehensive as M is a bit fussy when it comes to what she uses to drink out of. I was right to be a bit worried as she did not take to this at first.

One of the problems with this was that when she did try it (something that she wouldn't normally do) she couldn't get water up the straw. I tried and I also couldn't get anything out either. After a bit of jiggery pokery I eventually got water out, with ease, but sadly for M she had decided that she didn't want it any more.

I tried again a few days later but she was having none of it so I left it for a few months before trying again earlier this week and this time she took it instantly!

Although at home M will drink from a cup without a straw or spout I like to have a straw cup when out and about so that I know I have water with me and it can be produced wherever and whenever. It is something that we will use for as long as it lasts.

Munchkin advertise the cup as being:
A leak-proof cup with a straw that tucks away to stay clean throughout the day

This is true and something that draws me to the cup. It even comes with a 100% leak proof guarantee so they definitely believe in their product.

IMG_3455What I love about this is that when you put the top on after filling it up you hear it click and know that it is on right. It is so simple. Yes I know putting a lid on a bottle is not hard but this really is great. You can't put it on wrong, which I have done before with another bottle and found the change bag to be full of water.

I love the bright colours of this bottle, with the striking yellow top contrasting the pink of the bottle. It also have a narrow "waist" that means the smallest of hands can hold it.

I am also a fan of the flip straw which means the straw stays clean when you it into your bag. Again this is something that our other bottle doesn't feature and we often have fluff stuck to the straw.
We won this in a competition but were not required to write or give a review on the item. I chose to review this as I like it so much.

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