Carrying into the future with two under two

Two under two - how will I transport them?

I am a parent who loves her pram but who also loves baby-wearing. I love cloth nappies but also use disposables.

For me there is no wrong or right but as I think ahead towards baby number 2 I think babywearing and cloth nappies, both things I got into once M was a few months old, are two things that will be one even more prevalent in our lives.

I will admit that the shallow part of me loves both baby wearing and cloth largely because of the designs of the items (much like why we buy most things). Now I can totally see the benefits of both beyond the beauty of it all.

With cloth it is obvious. It has saved us a fortune and will continue to save us more and more money the longer we use them.

As for baby wearing, beyond the bonding benefits, it will allow me to do so much more than I could of I didn't wear one child. Our local supermarkets, LIDL and TESCO, have trollies that only have one seat! This would mean that if I had both children with me Id have to have M walking round with me. She will only be 19 months and tbh for my sanity and that of the other shoppers having her in the trolly rather than running amok makes far more sense. Of hubby was with me it would be fine as we could take buggy for one but not the other. I do tend to nip to the shop when hubby is not here and so is need this.

Also I've looked at double pram options. We have a phil and teds that we will probably get a second seat for big I love my Cosatto Giggle which can't be converted into a double. If we carried this wouldn't be a problem but if we never we would have to reconsider the pram which is a waste. I had looked at buggy boards but they ruin warrenty and by the sounds of it make it harder to push. Also I'm not sure just how long M would want to stand on a board for before her legs tired of that too. I have also read that the vibrations on the board can make a poor toots legs a it shaky.

I also can't afford to buy another pram, one I can use with a new born and a toddler. I am not working so we just can not justify a huge purchase like this, as much as I may want to buy one. I do worry that I miss the long walks that I had with M, will I be able to go as far or for as long when I am carrying M?

So I have decided that I will be carrying M a lot more when we have baby number two. It would make sense to carry the little one but I found M was a great sleeper and that she loved sleeping in her cot in the pram. I also love the idea of walking for miles with the baby in the cot whilst chatting to M who will run or be carried. Of course I will carry the littlest one too and let M have a shot in the pram. On the days that hubby is off we will go out with both prams and go for long walks that way.

I am excited about having two but I had not realised that having two under two would be so complex, especially when I go to the supermarket - please TESCO sort this out!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I have two under two , there is a 14 month age gap between my two. And my youngest is now 7 months old. I will not lie the first few months were hard, but not as bad as i thought they would be and now i am seven months in , it is no problem at all. You will become a pro at changing nappies though haha. Pram wise we opted for a cosatto double as we don't have the space for a big double and we have found we very rarely use it. I agree shopping is a nightmare so now i just order all mine online x

  2. I have a 2.5 year old and a 3 month old. I wear the baby and push my toddler in our pushchair. Occasionally I tandem wear, when I need speed, like at the airport.
    It's much easier to carry a teeny squish and they love the snuggles too, though I understand you don't want M to feel pushed out. Have you been to a sling library to see what some options are? Good luck!

  3. Life will be hard. I think we are in for a huge shock as we have found life with M easy so far. Yes we had a few hard days but generally she has never cried, slept awesomely etc but I doubt we will be so lucky next time.
    We have looked at the Cosatto double and no doubt in time we will get one but finances can be better spent for us at the moment. Time will tell how we get on eh!

  4. Oh I know it will be much easier to carry the squish but I love my pram too much :( I never got more than a couple of shots with it with M as we had to replace our other pram for this one so I want to get the use of it this time. I may change my mind later though lol
    I have a Tula and Ergo. Have considered wrapping but tbh I just don't think I could do it. I like the quickness of a SSC. There was a sling library near us but it has closed.

  5. I have a phil and teds double, but to be honest Daniel won't get in it, and I can't recall the last time he went in a pushchair. He walks everywhere so I tend to carry Emma or have her in the pushchair.
    I'd recommend getting a stretchy wrap or similar for when the baby is a newborn x The papoozle is supposed to be AMAZING and I have a discount code you can use for 20% off x

  6. I have looked at the papoozle or stretchy wraps just don't know where to start!