Clearing the cobwebs by going outdoors

Getting outdoors and enjoying the sun (even in Scotland)

Finally the sun shone enough for me and M to go outside to play. I have been waiting for this time to come for ages now as I like being outdoors and although we can go for walks, and we do, I have wanted to let M explore the world on her own a bit more. I have been very jealous of seeing people put up pictures of their children outside without a coat on recently.

We Scots may be hardy but it's been far too cold to do that until today.

The day started quite cold. The solar eclipse was happening so the heat was not there. Once that past and the sun reappeared the heat quickly built up so me and M took ourselves outside to enjoy the sun for a bit. It was wonderful. It just made me more excited about getting some outdoor toys for M to enjoy.

There is nothing wrong with playing indoors but it was lovely to get outside and to clear the cobwebs that the winter has made.

It was the same as just the simple act of opening the windows to air the house, bringing in the lovely spring air, making the house smell so fresh.

With this being the first warm day since the end of summer, and since M got a sand pit for her birthday, I opened a bag of sand and let her explore a bit. It was not a huge success - she was very unsure about the feel of the sand  - but she did play in it for a while and I think she will grow to love it as she was so intrigued by it.

As a child we used to play outdoors whenever the sun came out and I would love M to be the same. I do worry about technology spoiling that for us but currently we are managing to avoid children's TV shows (yay no Peppa Pig). I don't object to children's TV but it just isn't for us yet.

We do have the TV on at times when M is in the room but I have been turning it off more and more as it definitely distracts her from enjoying playing. That said we have watched TV together when a good cartoon film comes on so M will, and does, get TV time just not every day. I have noiticed that since I turned off the background noise TV she has come on leaps and bounds. This could be coincidental but I am not so sure.

When she was younger she had a huge fascination of our mobile phones but I have noticed her being less interested in them, maybe because she knows I won't give it to her! Again I know she will end up playing with our phones or tablets (we do after all) but I am trying to discourage it for as long as possible. For now I am going to enjoy watching her being facinated about seeing where the dogs are in the garden and teasing them by standing at the gate that stops them coming up to the deck area!

It was also great to put the washing out and not have to rush to get it out because it was so cold!

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  1. some lovely pics there, Shona. I always think once the sun is out it makes this whole motherhood thing a lot easier!
    We did our garden and this year I can't wait to get D&E in the paddling pool :-)