Learning to love her veggies

There is no excuse not to have your vegetables now Molly!

Molly is a great eater. She will eat almost everything (though does seem to have gone off sandwiches at the moment grr) but can sometimes she can be a bit fussy when it comes to eating vegetables so when I was offered the chance to try the new "Friends" savoury vegetable pouches from Cow & Gate I thought why not? It is better to keep trying than give up and I will not give up when it comes to vegetables.


I am not normally a pouch user, Molly has everything we eat, but other than a huge love for broccoli she would normally leave vegetables on her plate and eat everything round about them. I did wonder if I would want this as we stopped using pouches ages ago so why would I want to use them again?

This new range of Cow & Gate are in little mini pouches which can be re-sealed and used within 24 hours. They have no added nasties (salt, sugar, additives or preservatives) and have been steam cooked.

What I loved about this, and used to annoy me about pouches when I did use them for a while with Molly, is that they have not been mixed in with fruit. I used to taste Molly's weaning foods and all I could taste was apple and I think Molly started to think all vegetables were meant to taste of apple. Great for a fruit lover like Molly but no so great for us when we want to give her vegetable goodness.


For older children there are vegetable characters on the packaging to try and make them  fun - Claire Carrot, Chris Cauliflower, Bella Broccoli and Peter Pea.

Although they could be served cold, we chose to heat them. We tried the broccoli first and Molly was not overly keen on it, but I am not surprised as she loved to hold her broccoli so I wasn't concerned about that. We dipped her fish into them and she ate it fine.

The next pouch we tried was the peas as Molly has always just spat peas out when we have tried her on them. She did take a couple of spoons of this and seemed to like it  well enough but was more interested in her fish fingers, so we spread the peas on her fish fingers and voila they were devoured and loved. I would prefer she ate the vegetables on their own but this is a start.


Because of their size the pouches mean you can have vegetables handy in your cupboard at all times and takes seconds to warm up. Brilliant, there is no excuse not to have any as these wont go mouldy before used.

Since having these as well as steaming my own vegetables I have been adding these to whatever Molly is having for her tea and she does tend to eat them more willingly than finger food vegetables. Brilliant. This means that every meal does not have to have broccoli. We no longer have to consider buying a broccoli farm.


Despite not being a huge lover of the idea of pouches these ones have changed my mind. They are perfect for throwing in my change bag and means that if we are out and bout for dinner somewhere we have some healthy vegetables that we can feed Molly long with her lunch if needed. I will definitely use these with our next baby as well.

For more information about the "Friends" by Cow & Gate range visit here
I was sent these pouches for the purpose of this review however all opinions are mine and mine alone!

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