Loving getting time off but never take it!

How do I enjoy time by myself?

As a stay at home mum I am with M all day everyday so I get excited about the days that my hubby has off from work so that I can get a rest for a while.

It is so exciting to think about having "me" time but when they day comes I just can't seem to let go and relax. Yes I will maybe have 10 more minutes in bed whilst M gets her breakfast and nappy changed but in that 10 minutes I am itching to get down and enjoy time with M.

Since having M I have barely had any times away from M. I spent one day when I went to the Commonwealth Games, an afternoon and early evening when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary and maybe three times I have popped to the shop with hubby without M.

Yesterday M's grandpa was down to visit and M was getting tired so he said he would take her for a walk to get her to sleep and me and hubby stayed at home. I think this is the very first time I have ever been in the house without M since she was born and I will confess I did not like it!

What worries me about this situation is that when I first found out I was pregnant I cried, not with joy though obviously I was joyed, but because I dread leaving M at home when I go to the hospital to have Button. What if I have to stay in hospital for four days with Button like I did with M? The idea of being away from her makes me so upset. I will confess there have been tears on a number of occasions because of this and I have been finding it hard to sleep because I dread this.

Even next week we are going to Glasgow to see Mrs Brown's Boys Live and although I am dead excited about seeing this I am also sad that we will be leaving M at home and not taking her with us. I know she will have a fab afternoon and evening with her Nan but I just know I will spend much of the afternoon and night missing her.

Before having M I was perfectly happy in my own company, in fact I loved it, now I feel like i have lost a limb if I have not got my side kick with me. I need to learn to be happy when M is away from me as well as when she is with me otherwise I will be enrolling myself into primary one when she starts in 3.5 years.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. ahh, I can relate to this. It does get easier! We had Daniel stay over with my parents just after he turned one. I was so upset about it, but he was fine :-)
    I still find it very odd when Daniel and Emma are not here in the house, it is a rare occurrence, but when it happens I can get lots done but miss the noise and mess that they usually create!


  2. I think everyone feels that separation agnst, it gets easier though I can assure you :)

  3. Until recently, I hadn't spent any time away from Alexander. My very first time away from him was for a doctors appointment he definitely couldn't come with me and so he stayed with my Mum whilst I was there. Recently, with the weather warming up, my mum has started taking Alexander out for a walk one day a week. The very first time I literally felt lost, I didn't know what to do with myself, but the more they have spent this time together the more I have gotten used to it. I miss him when we aren't together, but I know in the long run it is for the best, for both of us. Especially when it comes to him starting nursery - I just can't even think about that yet, I have not spent a prolonged time away from him!

  4. I hope it does get easier as I don't have enough tears to cry with the thought if leaving M for longer than a few hours! I know she will be fine and probably have the time of her life but still it is so hard!

  5. Thanks, I certainly hope it does!

  6. Oh I can not even think about M starting nursery the idea makes me feel so anxious. I remember before children thinking it was ridiculous for parents to get so upset when their kids start school but now I know I will be that parent who cries her heart out

  7. I used to absolutely hate leaving Seb when he was younger so rarely did but when I was pregnant with Alex I suffered awful sickness right up until he was born and so my in laws started to take him for the odd day out and gradually I got used to it. When I had Alex I was in hospital for 5 days and it was so hard even though he came in to visit I was sobbing to the midwives.
    Now the boys are 2 and 4 and love going out for the day with their grandparents and I get to do my housework without distraction or have a look around the shops, they always go to exciting places and their grandparents love it too. It definitely gets easier! x

  8. I think That I just need to have time away from her but the idea of being in the hospital without her fills me with dread.