Outdoors fun

An outdoors fun list for a little person

With the nights turning lighter and the weather turning (a bit) better, I have started to look forward to the summer and getting out into the garden to play.

Last year M was only a few months old so being the garden was easy. She would probably sleep all afternoon in the shade or would be happy playing on her activity mat. This year will be a bit more active and M will be on the move so M am now starting to look at some garden toys.

Little Tikes Turtle sandpit

When you are little you just need a sandpit in the garden.

M was lucky enough to get a sandpit for her first birthday from her grandparents which has been used as a ball pit in the livingroom. We have put it outside now in anticipation of having some nice weather and getting the sand out. It has a lid so means the dogs and cat can't get access to the sand.

The Little Tikes Turtle sandpit is a cute sandpit that brightens up our decking area.

It is already a much loved toy and I really can't wait for the sun to come out as we could also put water in it and use it as a paddling pool.

The height of the sides of the turtle are just right. I was worried it might be a bit high for Molly to get into but she managed to get into it with ease.


We have looked at the Scuttlebug a few times in the past but have not bought one, until we saw it for £19.99 in B&M Stores this weekend.

The Scuttlebug is a ride on toy that a child can propel themselves along with their feet.

It is aimed for 1-3 year olds and can be used indoors and outdoors.

We have tested it out in the house on a carpeted floors and it seems, so far, to be ideal. Molly's feet do touch the ground but she doesn't quite understand that she needs to move her feet to move. As she has only used it a couple of times we are not bothered but she does love being pushed along on it.

The front handle turns making manoeuvring easy enough and design is bright and cheerful. M loves to talk to the bumble bee (we chose this as we called her Bumble when she was a bump).

The great thing about this is that it can be folded down to a compact size making it extremely easy to store.


When we go to the park M loves the swings so I am hoping to get a swing for the garden, Ideally we would love to get an adaptable swing so that it grows with M and so can be used for many, many, years to come.

I have looked at a few swings but I just do not know what to look for.

Wooden swings are my favourite. I love wooden toys and they just last so much longer. Also they don't rust like metal does but they are also so much more expensive and if I am honest they are probably outwith our price range.

Also I would prefer to have a baby swing that is at a normal swing height as a few I have looked at are cut down versions of a swing meaning you would have to bend down all the time to push M. Why can a baby seat not be attached to a normal height swing? Is this a safety thing that I don't understand?

What is the best swing for babies and toddler to both enjoy? Or so I get a swing and separate seat? Who knew it could be so complicated.

If I had the money... A climbing frame

I love the idea of having an activity climbing frame for M, something she can use for a few years but at the moment this is more of an wish rather than a need.

She has only been on a chute a couple of times and hasn't been overly thrilled by them but I can imagine that as she gets older she will enjoy them a but more.

We have noticed that she loves crawling under things so think a tunnel would be something she would love and I can see her being a climber when she can. We could gets lots of little toys to satisfy her needs but I love the idea of it being all in one so that it doesn't take up the whole garden. This will probably be something we think about getting her for her next Christmas or birthday as she doesn't need to get any of these yet.

Training Mummy

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  1. We're looking to get Alexander something for the garden too. I haven't entirely decided what exactly, like you, wishing for a climbing frame although probably not possible, but I'm having fun looking. Haha!

  2. we have a pop up tent thing too - good for shade to get them to play in.
    Also a water table and a watering can were winners last year x

  3. Oh a water table sounds great as M loves water! A pop up tent will be a feature too I think as I am worried about sun burn this year since I can't just plonk her in the shade and expect her to stay there.

  4. It is fun to look but I get annoyed as I would love her to have an all singing and dancing one but will never afford it.