Sensory fun - who knew a wall could be so exciting

Exploring the world from the eyes of a one year old

Whilst out on a walk today I noticed M's pointing finger being more active than normal, pointing to walls, bushes and every lamppost that we walked past.

She seemed particularly interested in walls at first, which I think stemmed from the weekend as she stood outdoors on a small wall at her grandparents house and was fascinated by the smoothness of the top of the wall.

Previous to this when she had been outdoors she had either been in a swing or was too small to do anything more than lie on a rug so I suppose this was the first time she had really got to explore the outdoors on her own. Which is one of the great, but unexpected, benefits of her liking being on her feet!

The next day she was up visiting her other grandparents and once again explored the great outdoors when she went outside on the decking to help her granny put the washing out. This makes me so excited about the good weather and summer months.

So today I was walking home with M in her pram and as I say she kept pointing to walls so I stopped beside one and she quickly went to touch it.

In an instant her face lit up, so excited to feel this new material. That was the first of hundreds of stops that we had to do on that walk.

Stopping at different walls, with different textures, so that M could explore this exciting new world. There were smooth walls, bumpy walls, walls with moss on them. Harled walls or just plain old brick walls, yup we got the chance to stop and feel every different type of wall that you could ever have imagined!

We then came across a number of garden with bushes not walls and so we had to have a feel of ever bush. Each time M's face lit up as she felt the new texture in her fingers.

What amazes me is that something that we take for granted, walls, bushes, feelings, is something that can bring so much joy to a one year old.

She has loved, up to this point, all the touchy feely books that you can get, especially the "That's not my" books but they are generally made with softer materials so it would great to introduce M to more textures that she had not come across.

I will admit that I had not thought about introducing her to a wall before but I am glad she is good at letting me know what she wants (and does not want).

I also love the fact that I don't have to pay a penny to let M have sensory fun (and I have yet to pay anything) and that this is a clean sensory activity. No need to run a bath or worry about dirt on the carpet.

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  1. Love this.
    Daniel's thing at the moment is smelling flowers. He is obssessed. Has to smell EVERY single on he sees x