Thank You - A first book of manners

As M gets older and her vocabulary builds I am keen to teach her some basic manners, so when I got the opportunity to review the book Thank You - A first book of manners, part of the My Little World series published by Little Tiger Kids, I jumped at the chance.

Thank you is Illustrated by Fhiona Galloway and written by Patricia Hegarty is aimed at children aged from 0-3 years and at one year old M loved it.

The book features a puppy finger puppet that teaches your child the importance of good manners, in this case saying thank you to his friends for making his birthday special.

The finger puppet really kept M's attention which is something that M needs when she is having a book read to her as she is always too keen to turn the pages before the story has been read.

She took to the puppy instantly and actually kept going down give it kisses and cuddles. There may have been a good few squeals of excitement whenever i wiggled my finger and the puppy moved.

After reading the book I left her to play with it and it went everywhere with her. Getting kissed and cuddles and, it could be coincidence, but she has started saying ta so much more than she used to.

We like to have books lying about the house a lot so M can play with them and get interested with what they are and Thank You has currently become her go to book which I think is mainly down to the finger puppet. It is one she will happily sit and have read which is a rarity as she normally wants to be the one who "reads" the book to you.

I can't wait to get the book Please which also features a finger puppet as she enjoys reading this book so much.

Thank you is released on April 6, 2015 for the RRP of £6.99 along with three other titles (Please, Animal Jigsaw and Sticker Book for 3-5 years olds RRP £8.99, Farm Jigsaw and Sticker Book for 3-5 year olds RRP £8.99).

I was sent Thank You free of charge but all opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. we also got one of these, ours is Please. I hate it but Daniel LOVES it. He asks me to read it constantly...

  2. M loves it. Takes it everywhere, gives it cuddles and kisses. I don't mind it though you have reminded me I find the finger puppet bit maybe a wee bit small?

  3. We have the other book in the series 'Please'. Elsie loves it but cant figure out how to put her finger in the back!! he he!!


  4. OH i think getting them to do the finegr puppet would be touch! Good luck with that.

  5. If M doesn't always sit well for stories, consider contacting Danielle at Baby Steps to Literacy. Danielle needs 30 more babies to take part in her study. Check out the dissertation tab on her website:
    We took part. It's very easy, you make little videos you probably wouldn't otherwise so you've got little memories there, and the results are interesting!

  6. A lovely idea for a book, I may get this as we don't have one on manners, lots on farms though ha ha!

  7. This book looks great! I love how M carried it around with her, giving it kisses and cuddles, so cute! Osian says 'Daa' which is a mix of 'Taa' and the Welsh word for thank you, which is 'Diolch'. He uses Daa for both please and thank you, so I'm going to have a look if there is a book like this but for Please, he loves stories so hopefully will be a fun way to teach him :) xx

  8. I find it a little on the smaller side but then its perfect for D when reading to E x