We are on the move!

From crawling to the start of walking...

If you follow me on Twitter you will probably have seen me write about my worries about M's lack of desire to walk. I need to worry now as we have turned a corner and she is now enjoying walking up and down the living-room with her push-along walker. Phew. At least now I know she will not crawl to school. She might walk by pushing her walker but she won't crawl!

At 11 months M eventually learnt to pull herself to standing. After that one successful attempt of pulling herself up to stand at the sofa there was no stopping her. She constantly pulled to stand all day, everyday. A week later she started to cruise the sofa (normally on the scrounge for food) but that was all the interest she had with walking. She would not walk when we held her hands, she didn't hold onto a walker, she got annoyed if we even suggested walking to her.

Just yesterday we decided to try her with her walker again as we had found we were getting more and more success when trying to walk holding her hands. She instantly held onto the walker, so strong on her feet, but she was not able to walk with it. It turns out it moved to fast so we started to hold onto the walker only letting it move very slowly along the carpet.

She seemed to love walking, and although she won't do more than a few steps, she was happy to keep getting up and trying again.

Today I decided to see if she would be able to walk along without me slowing the walker down and after just one attempt she was managing, sort of. All afternoon she has been going from playing to walking, keen to try a few steps here and there.

I am so proud of her. Yes she has taken longer than many but life is not a race and for me this is the perfect age to start walking.

It will be a long time until she is properly able to walk but hopefully by the summer she will be on her feet and ready to run at the park or down the beach.
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  1. Such a milestone and one worry less for you - I guess the time was just right for her and so she did. There'll be no stopping her now! #sharethejoy

  2. Yay!! I bet you are one happy mama.

    Side note: We have that walker, and to be honest, in terms of aiding in walking, I think it is kind of pants. That thing moves like nobody's business because of the wheels and we had a couple of tumbles with it. Alexander more enjoys it for the main bit that comes off.

  3. We have the wooden walker in the top picture and the plastic one that she is walking on and tbh the plastic one is sooooo much slower than the wooden one. She can hardly do the wooden one as it is far too fast.

  4. Yep she was ready for it and I am glad I didn't stress so much that I tried to force her. Learning needs to be fun and on their terms.

  5. Woo hoo! That's great news and must be a weight lifted for you. They all get there in the end but some do take longer than others don't they :) Thanks so much for linking up this happy post at #sharethejoy this week x

  6. I am relived and loving seeing her develop.

  7. Ahh, well done to her!

    they all do it in their own time x