14 months already

How is she growing up so fast?

M is now 14 months old. Doesn't time just fly past when you have children?

She is defintely deveopling into a wonderful and happy girl.

She is constantly smiling and even when she was looked after by her Nan whilst we went to Glasgow for the day she smiles and laughed all day. Not once did she whine or cry much to her Nan's amazement.

Everyone always says we don't know how lucky we are with M and that's just what her Nan said, but we do. She has been no work at all.

The past 14 months have been the best months I have every experiences and have been easier than I imagined. I know we have been lucky with M and that when baby number two comes we will probably be in for a shock but I can not complain about my time as a mum so far.


Since her 11 month update M has started walking on her walker and has done two steps independently so we are well on our way to walking. She hasn't so much as attempted to walk by herself since and can only stand unaided for a second or two. She loves walking with her hands held and can go such long distances with me and her daddy holding a hand each.

She also loves climbing things, whether that is onto her little seat, onto and off of the sofa, or up and down the stairs. I can't close my eyes for a second or she will be on top of something that she shouldn't be.


Until M was 13 months old she only had two then in the space of a month she grew another four (all on top). I have to say that in comparison to the bottom two these came in pretty unnoticed. It was just a case of seeing them in her mouth one day.

Favourite things:

M loves being chased and tickled and will often initiate that came. She loves it so much that as she crawls away she often has to stop because she is giggling too much.

Swimming and bath times are still her most loved activity, she loves it. We went to a pool the other day that had a slope entry to the pool and we let her sit and explore without needing to hold her. She attempted to swim across to either me or her daddy so many times, unfazed about putting her face in the water or losing her seating on the bottom of the pool.

She still loves her pets, two dogs and a cat, and gets so excited when she spots them - we don't need to look to see if our cat is on the windowsill wanting in as M will give the game away long before that.

Music is another of her great loves and she will constantly be found pressing the music button on her toys and dancing to them. She is also quite tuneful and can hum (in tune) to some of the songs that her toys have.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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