14 week pregnancy update

Button is now a lemon

I am not sure if I will be doing a regular update on pregnancy but I will do as many updates as I can.

We have reached the second trimester which means we are in safer territory than before (some pages say 13 weeks and some 14 weeks until you reach second trimester).

At 14 weeks Button is now and I do not know yet whether my pregnancy is the same as with M or different. I would say that I don't, yet, feel as tired as I did with M but circumstances have changed. With M I was at work in job that didn't mentally stimulate me all the time so I think I was tired from pregnancy and from boredom. Also if I was tired at work, which I was, it would only be around now I was tired as from 8-11 weeks I was on honeymoon and the tiredness was mentioned a lot when I had announced my pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with M I went off food. Again this happened when I was on honeymoon so from 8-11 weeks and lasted a good while after that. This time although I have been feeling sick I was still eating. In the past couple of weeks I have started to dislike food, much like last time, and so although I thought things were different this time I just think it is a bit more delayed. It also helps to be at home this time as I am having things I like. In the last couple of weeks I have found that cheese cheddar biscuits (a favourite of mine) revolt me, as does strong tasting cheddar.

I am getting a bump and I am finding that trousers are getting a bit more uncomfortable. Might be time to start looking out the maternity clothing.

Nausea is really prominent at the moment. I just can not get back to sleep. Thankfully I get to sleep until 10 am most mornings so it hasn't been too bad.

At 14 weeks Button is now about 8cm long and the size of a lemon. S/He is active and I have been feeling movements every now and again for a couple of weeks now. Most nights at 10 pm I will feel Button move but they movements are yet to be regular. This is earlier than with M who I only started feeling round the 14 week mark.

I have aches and pains - how can my boobs hurt so much! Please boobs you are meant to stop hurting now!!!!!

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