15 week pregnancy update

Getting bumpy - only 5 weeks until our next scan!

Okay so I may almost be 16 weeks but I have just realised I never did a 15 week update so here goes...

At 15 weeks Button is starting to grow hair on his/her head and if it has dark hair the pigment will be being made in the follicles.

His/her ears have moved to the side of the head - all the better to hear you with - and the eyes are moving to the front!

Button can now iggle its fingers and toes and made breathing movements.

At 15 weeks baby measures about 4 inches or the size of a naval orange (what is a naval orange??).

Fun fact

Naval oranges are named because they have belly button type formations on the bottom of them!

So not much has been happening this week. Earlier I had been feeling Button move about every now and again but this week I haven't felt much if any movements. I know it is early days so I am trying hard not to worry but it is just nature to worry. I have felt a few movements today so I am starting to worry a bit less and I have my 16 week (never had this last pregnancy) appointment tomorrow so hopefully that will ease my worries a bit more.

So far I think I have been feeling a bit better generally than last pregnancy and I am starting to wonder if I am having a boy this time as I have been getting headaches a wee bit more than last time, have almost passed out a couple of times and the hair on my legs is growing slower than last time. I never had any headaches and didn't feel faint with M.

I have had less nausea than before but still have the odd time that I feel sick and my boobs are still hurting so much. I also thought my rib flare was coming back as I had rib pain for a couple of days this week but that seems to have gone again.

I have a bump and it has been commented on by a few people although I am still in my usual clothing as before. Can't wait to be huge again!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Then you get huge again and can't wait to not be pregnant, then you miss it again, vicious cycle!!! X

  2. just come across your blog on Twitter - I'm 23 weeks with my second due August 9th! I wonder if it is a boy, I've had really bad headaches this time and my leg hairs stopped growing too and we're having a boy! Can't wait to find out :) xx

  3. Oooh that's interesting. I think pregnancy is different this time round. Will find out in September lol.
    Congrats on your pregnancy. Will pop over to your blog when Molly is in bed. Love to get to know people due round about the same time.

  4. So true thought I only didn't want to be pregnant so I could meet baby