16 week pregnancy update - VBAC candidate?

16 weeks on and you are an Avocado

Ok so I know I just do my 15 week update but I am now 16 weeks pregnant! This time, unlike my last pregnancy, I had a 16 week appointment. I was so glad about this as last time I saw a midwife at 8 weeks then other than scans the next appointment was at 24 weeks which I felt was too long.

Another change I have had already with this pregnancy is that I have seen my named (though that's another complicated tale) midwife on both occasions. Last time I never met my named midwife until 32 weeks and then only had her once more after that. I know it doesn't make too much difference because I will not be having my baby at the unit that I have my appointments but it is good to see the same person so I don't have to ask the same questions etc.

So at 16 weeks I had my blood pressure taken (fine) and urine test (clear) and had a general natter. I have to see a consultant as soon after my 20 week scan as possible to discuss my birthing options but I have been given my notes home with me and, like everyone, I had a good read through them and have noticed that they have ticked I am a VBAC suitable candidate which thrills me.

What confuses me is that they have also ticked the option - previous proteinuric hypertension, eclampsia and HELLP - which I was unaware of. So many things about the birth of M went undiscussed and I only found out by error or by looking for myself. It would be good if everyone who had a complication in labour or recovery were given an appointment after everything has cleared to go over everything. In my case it would have just been good to be told I was so unwell at the time (I did not know I was a SEPSIS 6 patient until I was meant to go home but they changed mind).

Anyway I already know that if I am still given the option when it comes to birth I want to avoid another section and would love to have a VBAC. I am aware of the risks but then a section also has risks. Of course if things change and I have to have a section then so be it.

It was also discussed that I would need my blood pressure taken every four weeks until 32 weeks and then every two weeks after that. I am happy with this and glad an eye is being kept on me and button as I really had no idea how unwell I was with M until I got to the hospital.

I haven't had many changes in symptoms since I updated at 14 weeks or 15 weeks so there isn't too much to talk about there. My boobs are maybe getting a little less tender? I still fit into my normal clothing and some jeans and trousers are still loose.

So at 16 weeks Button is the size of an avocado measuring in at 12cm and 3.5oz in weight! Button's limbs are developing well and becoming more controlled in their movements. Calcium is being deposited into Button's bones  and it's ears are probably able to hear - and it can use it's facial muscles to frown when it hears mummy singing! The eyes can perceive light and can make small side to side movements.

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  1. I think an appointment afterwards for those who had complications would be good - yes! There were a few things I didn't find out about Alexander's birth until afterwards either... Some minor, some not so much (we didn't know until moving from the post surgery ward - 3 days after birth - that Alexander was actually taken out by forceps. Another thing was that I wasn't made aware, nor my partner, that I suffered a great loss of blood during birth until the following night when I lost another great deal of blood) so yeah, those appointments would be good indeed.

    I wish you all the luck with being able to have a VBAC!