18 week pregnancy update

You are growing bigger and bigger every week my sweet potato

What vegetable are you?

Well my sweet you are not a sweet potato. I feel slightly sorry for you though as - 1) Sweet potatoes are not the prettiest of vegetables and 2) - I am not fond of eating them! Nevertheless I am so excited to meet you and even more excited to see you again in two weeks time!

Do I feel pregnant?

I still am not feeling pregnant yet which is probably a good thing as it means the weeks are flying by and I am still feeling okay.

I have felt the odd movement here and there but nothing regular or that strong yet. I just can't wait until I can lie down and feel you moving about all the time!

How big is bump?

My bump is growing but I am still managing to fit into normal clothing but it won't be too long until I have to crack open the maternity clothing bag. I think I maybe could have worn some by now but there really are no bright maternity clothes out there (that I can find and afford) so I have been trying to just wear what I have - I will not be forced to wear black, grey or white.

I could probably start doing bump pictures but I am fat and scared that I will just be sharing my fatness with people rather than my bump. I might change mind later but for now I am too shy.


Over the past couple of days I have noticed my fingers swelling a bit but I think that fits in with us having the heating on again. We can't remember when I took rings off last time but we both think it was before the 20 week scan so I guess this also fits in with the schedule of our last pregnancy.


I have had a few more headaches this week. Not as sore as early in this pregnancy but enough to make me feel a bit bleurgh.

My boobs are STILL hurting. So much for them easing during the second trimesters. Darn you!

Baby update

At 18 weeks  you are now the size of a sweet potato (although who has ever seen a uniform size of sweet potato?). Lengthwise you are 14 cm, almost half a ruler. Wow. You have grown a couple of cms since last week!

Button is now learning to yawn and hiccup (can't wait to feel you hiccuping) and now has its own fingerprints.

Many of Button's bones are starting to harden and the first bones in its ears are developing meaning it will soon be able to hear things like my heart beat or singing!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. wow the weeks are flying by ! i never felt pregnant in my last pregnancy either until near the end xx

  2. They are flying by so quickly but at the same time not quickly enough! I hope I don't feel pregnant until the end too as I am enjoying being able to get on with things at the moment

  3. This pregnancy is going so fast, I can't believe you are almost half way! Second pregnancies must just fly by. As mcuh as I love knowing how big babies are, it does become hard to judge because I've seen some pretty big sweet potatoes in my time... but also some tiny ones too! How are we supposed to know which one? Glad you're still feeling well.. I'm super fed up now! xx

  4. Oh I love all the fruit and veg comparisons! What a lovely pregnancy update, glad you're doing so well. Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x x