Dolphin watching, swimming and Scuttlebugs

Spending time as a family beats anything else

Don't you just love spending time with the family, especially when the weather is great. This weekend was another great time as a family which involved scuttle bugs, dolphins, swimming and bubbles.

On Saturday I took the bubble machine outside, originally for M but it turns out that one of my dogs enjoyed it far more (as you can see - she is jumping to get a bubble). M loved watching her dog run about and get so excited about bubbles. She was so excited and kept telling anyone who was within ear distance that her dog was there.

Later on in the morning we went into the car and headed for Aberdeen as we heard the dolphins were out at the harbour and as my hubby and our friend had never seen them before we headed up. I had seen them a few times in the past but it was great to go out and enjoy it with the family.

It was absolutely freezing in Aberdeen which was a pity as it had been warm when we left our house. The sea haar was not far away which kept it cold so after having a pizza we headed home where we instantly took off our winter coats as it was so warm!

With the nicer weather M has been keen to get outside as much as possible so we decided to sit out the front to enjoy what was left of the sun. She spoke to the neighbours but also played on her Scuttlebug which seems to be a huge hit at the moment. She hasn't worked out she can move it with her feet yet but LOVES being pushed alone and the faster the better.

Saturday was such a fun day. M and her daddy saw dolphins for the first time and we all got to enjoy that moment together (yes I am aware that M probably had no idea what she was looking for but she enjoyed dog and people watching).

Of course no time off with daddy is complete without a trip to the swimming pool to enhance M's love of water and water skills. This is the first time in a while we have visited our regular pool and I will confess I much prefer the other pools we have been at. They all have walk in pools so M can crawl and move about without mummy or daddy holding her. I don't think M was all that bothered as she found a ball to play with and loved having cuddles with mummy and daddy in the water. We also used one of the pool's water noodles to encourage M to kick more in the water. Normally we have to hold on to her but this time she was more than happy to hold onto the noodle rather than us. She kicked so much and found it fun to put her face in the water whilst she did it. I love that she has no fear of the water, whether it is being dunked under, playing in the waves, or holding onto a noodle.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.