Fun in the sun

Getting out into the fresh air is good for the soul

Isn't it wonderful when the sun comes out and you head outdoors? Off goes the computer, off comes the jumper and out comes the summer clothing and sun hats. Moods are instantly boosted and time just seems to fly by.

With summer comes the lack of blog posts as I am outside enjoying the weather and time with my child and when I come in I just don't fancy sitting on the computer much.

Last summer we enjoyed the weather with M but she was too young to do anything other than lie or sit in her activity seat. This year is so different. She is crawling, walking with her walker, talk, playing and just generally exploring the world and I LOVE it!

I love M is her summer clothes. With her summer hat (yay time to start a new collection!). This year we have had to choose hats with straps under the chin as she likes to pull them off. Harder to find than I thought they would be and the ones I have for now are a bit boring for me.

We have been serentated in the garden with music as M loves to make a noise. Thankfully we have had no complaints from the neighbours... yet.

Breakfasts, dinners and teas have been enjoyed in the fresh air. I am loving this as I don't have to worry about mess. She can make as much mess as she wants!

We got an activity table from the neighbours sister and it has been a great toy for taking out into the garden and keeps M occupied. At the moment she doesn't crawl off the rug we have on the grass as she seems scared of the feel of grass so she needs toys that keep her attention for when she is confined to a rug.

When M was a teeny tiny baby my dad came down and made a deck area on the garden. We used it a lot last year and this year it really is being used. I am so glad we did this. M loves to play on the deck and will happily entertain herself there is I nip in to the toilet or something. If I leave her in the grass she gets upset. It has been perfect for M to use her walker and will go up and down all day is she could.

I look forward to more nice days and outdoors fun to be had on the coming weeks and months. No TV just music, nature and fun, fun, fun.

What do you do in the nice weather?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


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  2. awww lovely pictures. We have a sand & water table, a mini footbal net and two slides - a small one and a medium one. our garden isn't huge but is big enough for D&E to run around. I'm looking forward to making use of it this year xx