Real Nappy Week 2015 #RNW2015

Get real during Real Nappy Week 2015

Today marks the start of Real Nappy Week 2015 which is a great time for people who want to try cloth nappies for the first time to come across some great deals and great information (and for existing users to bag a bargain).

This is our second Real Nappy week although this is the first time we have looked forward to it as proper users of real nappies.

Last year we were first time parents of a two month old and, to be honest, we just didn't know where to start with reusable nappies. I had read about them whilst pregnant and saw that we could save money but wondered if they were just a bit too "out there". I also saw how much they cost if I wanted to buy all the nappies at once. This put me off of them because I was scared they might not work for us and we would have hundreds of pounds of unused nappies - I was unaware at how well they sell if you want to. I will also admit that for me using cloth nappies is about saving money and them being so pretty. Saving the planet is an added bonus.

Then Real Nappy Week arrived and after much debate I decided to buy a few TotsBots as I could get them in a shop not online. I guess you could say it was an impulsive buy and if they were not available to buy in store (and on a multi save) I most probably would be sitting now wondering if I would use cloth or reusable nappies for Baby 2!

Once I had bought my first few Totsbots I realised I would need a lot more to be able to use on a more permanent basis so I scoured the internet for deals and found myself choosing a selection of cheapies from Amazon - Little Bloom and Canny Mum. I was not expecting much but was in for a shock as they worked perfectly. I have since bought more cheap nappies for TJs Nappies which again were excellent.

Since then I have added to my stash, adding both new and second hand nappies, and now I am expecting a second baby I have the excuse to buy some more! Buying from preloved sites meant I got to test out other brands and have since becomes a huge fan of Baba+Boo Nappies.

A brand I have only recently got to test out is Bambino Miosolos. This is another case of buying because you can get them in a shop rather than just getting online. I got mine from Morrisons but I hear they are going to be selling some products in Aldi next month! I bought one of these as a test and it was love at first wear. I then went back to the supermarket and got more. Goes to prove that impulse buying works. I don't know if I would have bought had they not been available in the store.

Buy your nappies now!

Now is the time to buy your nappies if you want a bargain as most, if not all, real nappy brands and retailers have offers on all week for Real Nappy Week.

You don't need to buy a complete set of nappies, buy one, buy two, buy a few. Find out what works for you and then add to your collection when you want. It doesn't need to be a huge outlay to start. Okay if you want to go full time right away you will have to fork out but you can do it gradually.

Keep an eye out for Nappy reviews this week!

Throughout the week I will be putting up honest reviews on nappies that I have bought. No review will be sponsored, nor will I have been given a nappy in exchange for a review. I have done nappy reviews in the past but I want to refresh my posts and put how I feel now.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. looking forward to reading these reviews. I am a big tots bots fan and they are the only ones that Grace E's bottom. She is a heavy wetter so I'm not confident anything else will stand up to the test!

  2. If there are any that we have that you want to try I could lend you a couple?