Why do people not use libraries?

Libraries are so underused but why?

Since having M my habits have changed. No longer does a day out involve a drive to the neared city and a wonder round the shops. In fact, as much as it pains me to say this, I actually hate going shopping now! I used to love wandering round the shops, just window shopping, spending so many hours just walking. Now I still think I like it but when it comes to it I usually find myself getting bored and fed up after just 20 minutes (much to the hubby's delight I am sure).

Now when I think of something to do it still involves walking but usually to the local park, or a drive to the local swimming pool, or a walk to the library. Things that are fun and can help with health or education really and things that don't cost much money!

Why are libraries so underused?

The library is a much underused facility and this saddens me. We go every week to the local Bookbug and the session are busy which is great but if you go outwith the times of kids groups there is very rarely a child there. It is rare to even see anyone take a book out for a child even when a group is on. I can quite easily pick up a random book and find it has not been taken out in over a year!

With M we tend to take out 12 books over other week, sometimes every week, as she loves books. Sometimes she wants to just flip the pages of a book, or look at the pictures by herself. Often she wants to read the book aloud by herself and sometimes she wants to cuddle in and read with us. Regardless of this she always gets a nighttime story before bed, normally read from one of her library books.

We have focused on books since she was tiny. I remember sitting with her in my arms when she was days old reading (edited) sections of the book I was reading. Now whenever she sees a book she has to have it. She squeals in excitement when she sees a book. I love this.

So when I see books sitting unread in the library I just don't understand. Going to the library costs nothing and you can have so many new books to read for a month. It really means there is no need to buy books (although I do as I like to have books sitting about the house that I don't worry she will ruin or books that  love so much I just have to get her).

When we go to the library she will get excited as soon as she realises what street we are at and gets upset if we don't go into the library when we are close yet I have spoken to so many people who have not taken then one or two year old's to the library, ever.

M got her first library card aged four days old. She got her first library books ages four days old and since then she has had so many. She even likes to choose books for mummy when we go to get some for me and loves the different feel of the books in the adult section rather than the children's section.

I guess I have been brought up to visit libraries so it is natural for me to go to them. I did stop going when I went to uni and had no time to read between university and working but I have always had a library card and always will.

If you don't use a library what puts you off?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. My little boy loves books. and the library is one of his favourite places. My mum watches him ever Monday and she usually takes him, I'm guilty of not having taken him in a while. I'm hoping to take him a lot more while uni's closed for summer. I love our local library, it's small but that's something I like about it, the child's section has more than enough books and has a toy corner that Osian enjoys too. The only downside being that it's only open a few hours a day, so at the moment it's very hard to go, but as I said previously over summer, we should have many more chances to go. Like you, it saddens me that it's hardly used and so quiet, out of all the times we have been, I've seen another child their once! x

  2. That is lovely that he goes and I know sometimes finding time is hard especially if they are on limited hours. We are lucky that the hours are fine here, they have cut down the hours a bit but still at least 9-5, but one of the reason for the closures is that people are just not using the service and that is why I worry about people not using them.

  3. I love our local library, it seems to get a good use but I'm betting if you write it down it wouldn't seem so great which is a shame, I love the library we went to a group before A started nursery now we pop in every week if the kids aren't there I go in anyway to return books and I get to look properly too. Despite my book pile being tall I still take them out!

  4. I often say the same thing. We usually walk to the library once a week and both of my boys love it there, they can do colouring, look at the books and just enjoy being there, my oldest loves the self service machine to take books. They are often the only children there and the comfy sofas in the children's Andrea are usually full of adults on their own messing on their phones.

  5. Daniel loves books but Emma just doesn't sit still to hear the story at all. Our libraries are really underused too. I try and get there at least once a month (it was weekly when they were younger) and like you I rarely see other children in them. My closest library doesn't have a great section for younger kids but there are another two we can get to that are pretty well stocked for D&E's age group x

  6. Love this post!!!! I totally agree with you. I felt so proud when I pushed Ruby into the library at 3 months old to get her library card and her first books. I even took a photo for her scrap book. I love reading to her and she loves looking at the bright colours. I even get a giggle when I say spot the dog to her. Getting books from the library was something I loved as a child (and still do as an adult) and I cannot wait to pass this onto Ruby. Don't even get me started on the library finding cuts.....

  7. I love that M has a joy of books, even if it is just to flick through them herself or to play with the pages. She gets so excited when we turn up at the library and knows where she is instantly. I hope my next baby will enjoy reading an libraries just as much!