You are an onion now

17 weeks pregnant and I am carrying an onion

We are 17 weeks into this pregnancy and I have to admit that I have yet to feel "pregnant". So often I am sat playing with M or just getting on with general day duties and I completely forget that I am carrying another little human (sorry Button).

Not feeling pregnant brings with it a lot of guilt. With M, who is our first child, all our focus was on the pregnancy and the baby we were carrying. Not  moment went by without us ticking off another day closer to meeting her, so to not even feel pregnant yet is a horrible feeling. Don't get me wrong I love Button so much already and I can not wait until the day we meet him or her but it is completely different this time round.

Over the past few days I think I have been feeling some more defined kicks which is lovely and helps to make me worry less. I can't wait to feel regular kicks rather than every now and again kicks.

At 17 weeks I am still finding normal clothing to fit into which is a relief as the lack of colours on maternity wear at the moment is depressing. I love bold bright colours and all I can find are greys or blacks. Boring!

I have no swelling yet and still wearing my wedding rings. I remember having to take off my rings early last time, I think before the 20 week scan, so I am pleased to still be wearing my rings.

Symptom wise I am still feeling faint at times but I think the hot weather is not helping with that. I also still have sore boobs (come on body I am in the second trimester now! Stop hurting!).

At 17 weeks Button is 5.1 inches long and has mastered some simple reflexes such as blinking, swallowing and sucking. One thing that M had a lot when she in the womb was hiccups and Button can now have bouts of them. Button is growing body fat and it's brain can regulate its heart beats to 140 to 150 beats a minute!

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