Zoom: A wheelie good book of colours

Zoom: A wheelie good book of colours!

When I went to the library with M she was really taken by this book. She loves the circle cutouts on each page that created an inward tunnel on the front page. For me the colours just jumped out at me so we took it out.

The book follows the story of a race between animals, using rhyming to create rhythm throughout the book.

Each double page features a different animal who is racing in a different coloured vehicle to teach youngsters colour.

Zebra drives a dumper truck so big and bright and blue.

"I'll win the race!

I'm on first place!

There's nothing you can do!"

For us we are reading the story just as a story, yes we are counting the number of flowers or wheels and talking about the colour but books are still primarily for just reading and words.

The book is hardback, perfect for little hands to explore and treat with less care than a paperback book.

At the moment M is fascinated about animals and this has plenty of those throughout and it really helps her recognise more animals and she can point them out to me. Oh and she can poke her fingers through the holes for the vehicles. She loves it!

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  1. those little tiger press books are pretty cute for toddlers. We have a pass the parcel book which is similar in design and also a big hit. I've never seen any at our library, I think I'll have to keep my eye out for more!

  2. That looks a great book for little ones #weekendbookclub

  3. we LOVE this book. It is one of my faves to read to Daniel as it is the book that helped to teach him colour. It is such a lovely one to read too. xx