15 months old and still not walking - how do I help her balance?

Can't balance, won't balance

Before people think I am being a pushy parent etc, I know that all children develop at different times and that it is normal not to walk by 18 months, but I am a parent who can see how frustrated M is getting but not being able to walk.

She is proficient at walking along furniture, can go for ages on her push along walker and is good at walking with two hands held, and okay at walking with one hand held. She is always pulling herself up to stand but can't stand up without pulling on something - she hasn't shown any desire to stand up without something to pull up on either. The main "problem" is she can not balance on her own two feet so as soon as hands are dropped she drops to the floor.

She has been able to do a few unaided steps to and fro from me and hubby or the the sofa but it is only one or two steps and then fall...

I have tried to see if she can stand alone and she can for maybe a second or two but that would be a maximum time. If she could get the balance sorted she would be off and running (oh she runs so well with hand held when her daddy comes home from work).

One of the times that I think she finds the worst is when we are out and about as she wants to go everywhere but is restricted to the fencing. She is independent so prefers to do her own thing and go her own places without having to rely on mummy and daddy but until she walks she just can't do this at the park.

I have tried playing games with her to get her to stand but I think she thinks the game is to fall on your bum and she thinks it is hilarious! Nope darling that is not what I was trying to achieve lol

I feel bad that I also get frustrated as I just know she would enjoy it so much being able to run, especially in the park when we have the dogs as she would love to chase them.

So how do I get her to stand on her own? Is it something that only she can work out?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I would try not to worry....When you do it always seems worse. The balancing and walking will come. My girl was a late walker, she didn't until she was about 18/19 months......Now there's no stopping her! If you're really worried have a chat with your health visitor x

  2. Och I know I shouldn't worry but I guess it is mother's instinct to do just that! I don't want to rush her but at the same time she is 15 months so I don't think I am as such. I know she will enjoy the freedom that walking gives her.

  3. It's a really awkward stage when they are almost there and getting frustrated. Both mine went through it even though one was a 10 month old walker and the other almost 18 months so I think it just a stage they have to go through as one day they will get so frustrated they will just go for it.

  4. I feel bad for her as I hate seeing her get annoyed with herself but like you say they have to go through it to get their goal!

  5. D was quite like this - and then one day it literally just clicked and he was away. I really wouldn't worry about it, she really will get it in her own time, but that said I was the same and was desperate for him to walk x

  6. Haha I am now no longer keen for her to walk incase she hurts her arm lol Go from one extreme to another