A cute book about colours - Wow! Said the owl

Wow! Said the owl - Tim Hopgood

I have seen this book in the library for a while and decided to take it out this week or M as she is so interested in reading and book and seems to love different colours in things so since this is a book about colours I thought I would give it a bash.

Normally I would write to say that M loves a book with touchy feely bits, or flaps to lift but this book as neither and still she loves it. Maybe it is that she is starting to really love hearing a story as much as playing with a book or maybe it was colours and pictures throughout I am not sure.

Luck would have it that this is also a book that we got given to us in our latest Book Bug pack, although rather than in the hardback form of the library book it is the paperback version.

The story follows a little owl who decides to stay awake during the day and is amazed by how much colours there are to see during the day. Wow! He is amazed at such stunning colours like the blue of the sky or green of the trees.

Most of the double pages of the book features a main colour - pink of the morning sky, red of butterflies - which are great for colouring learning and I can see so many activities that you could do using this book as a theme.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a Tim Hopgood book in my opinion #weekendbookclub

  2. This is our first Tim Hopgood book so I look forward to reading some others

  3. Aw that sounds great! I am all in favour of books that are connected to learning and I love a good colour book! The Owl looks amazing, I bet little ones go crazy for it! Ray xx

  4. The owl is cute but, although M normally loves the animals in books, she tended to show more interest in the sun, clouds, tree - all the things that involved the different colour used on that page.

  5. Aww it sounds like such a lovely book to read with a young child. My two are too old for these kinds of books now xx

  6. Awww cute, I love books with owls in ♡

  7. this looks like a fab book, and not one I have seen before. It looks fab. Emma isn't keen on reading but Daniel could sit for hours and hours listening to books. I can't wait until Emma enjoys the rhythm of a story too x