Are you my mummy?

Are you my Mummy? - Mary Murphy

M loves a life the flap book so this library book was right up her street.

What I loved straight away with this book was how cute the cartoons were. The animals are beautifully drawn and just brought my eye straight to the book so I just had to take it out for M.

The book follows puppy who is looking for his mummy. He meets a number of animals on the way, asking if they are his mummy. He gets to discover so many mummies and their children throughout his journey until he finally gets to meet his mummy at the end.

M loved lifting the flaps but I love to see how she is developing and pointing at different animals and even saying dog without being prompted!

We are introducing animals and animals sounds so this is an ideal book as it covers some everyday, normal, animals that we also see when we are out and about on walks.

The flaps are big enough for little fingers so ideal for toddlers to turn themselves - I hate flap books that involve a lot of effort even for an adult like myself.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I think we have had this one at some point in time - I like books like this when the are lovely and bright - seems to engage the children so much more!

  2. What a cute book. We're heading to the library today in hopes that they have some board books that Hectic Grandson can check out. We're trying to instill the idea that you can borrow books instead of buying everything. That's a pretty difficult lesson to learn in a house full of books that I've bought...and a weekly visit from the UPS man with another couple that I've bought from

    We're taking along Hectic 12 so she can keep up her reading habit, as school is out for three months here in the US. Don't want those brain cells to all go into hibernation LOL.

    Thanks for sharing this review! I'm devastated that I missed posting into the #WeekendBookClub again. I'm really trying to put a review in every week...but you know: Life.

    Make it a great day!