Hospital visit and social services fears

Our first (hopefully only) emergency

On Sunday we had our first real emergency since becoming parents when M fell off the settee whilst playing.

At first I thought, and hoped, that she had just given herself a scare and that she would quickly start playing again but within 10-15 minutes it was becoming clear that something was not right. Cuddles helped to calm her down and she did stop crying but the minute I moved her she would cry again - not normal!

I phone NHS 24 who said it would be best to take M to A+E to get checked out and I had to agree with them as she was not improving any so I set off to the hospital with her. On the drive my mind went into overdrive - what is they contact social services, what if I am blamed for this - that was on top of the guilt I felt. There was nothing I could have done to prevent this. M is a climber and is usually every good at climbing up on the settee but she had climbed up then tried to sit right at the edge. I saw it happening but there was no way I could have moved to her in time to stop it - I did try but no-one could have got there in time and I was only on the other end of the settee. Even when I watched I have to admit I thought it looked a soft fall and was wondering if M was just hungry or tired ad that was why she was upset. But to worry about social services being involved should never be something that any "normal" parent should have to consider. I have no reason to fear them, indeed I have never had any involvement or known anyone who has had involvement so I have no idea why I would even think of this!

I wondered if I was maybe just panicking and going into overdrive but it soon became clear from comments from friends afterwards that they too are worried about what health professionals will think of them as parents if they children do have accidents. I should never be like this. I think everyone who had had a child who had broken a bone said they were worried about that outcome when they went to hospital. I also spoke to a few people who said they try to put off getting medical help is minor injuries for just this reason!

At hospital it soon became clear that something was definitely not right with M when the DR prodded her arm. She was hysterical and, to be honest, never stopped being hysterical until we left the hospital a few hours later.

We were sent for an X-ray and were just about to go in when I asked if it was OK for me to be there because of being pregnant - it wasn't and the staff were not allowed to hold M so I couldn't go in. Thankfully my hubby was on his way down and was only 15 minutes away so he could go into the room with her when he got there. I was so upset about not being able to hold my baby when she was being scanned. The screams from the room was horrific and when all I could do was look at a closed door, I felt so hopeless and will admit I broke down a little then. It felt like ages they were in there and I was so close to just barging in and giving her a cuddle but needs must and she really did need the scan.

We then went back to the ward and were soon given the awful news - M had broken her arm. She broke her radius, the larger of the two arm bones so off we went to get a cast.

Cue more tears and upset but soon enough M was fitted with a nice purple cast and sent on her way home.

This was perhaps the longest afternoon of my life but once the cast was fitted M's mood instantly improved so it obviously helped.

All and all, other than the broken bones and tears and maybe irrational fears, the hospital visit was swift and staff were all very helpful and kind. We were in and out of the hospital within two hours and everyone tried hard to make M smile. I just hope no parent avoids getting help because of the fear of being reported to the social services for something that is a simple accident.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Bless, poor wee soul., you must have all got a fright. Glad she's feeling a bit better now. Don't be worrying yourself about SS...we all beat ourselves up about things we couldn't stop happening.

    My friend's little girl who is 4 recently broke her arm, and because they couldn't explain what had happened as there hadn't been anything that could of caused it (she did say later that she had tripped in garden whilst playing with pram and caught her arm funny), the hospital did contact SS, which is just totally awful. She's now had SS, the HV and even doctor now quizzing her.

  2. aww bless her i hope she feels better soon. My oldest needed an x-ray when i was pregnant too and i felt awful not being able to comfort her either xx

  3. Aww! Bless her! I hope she is feeling better now.
    Accidents happen but it is bad that we have to worry about Social services isn't it.....In the space a couple of month a few years ago my eldest tripped and fell on her face (suspected broken nose), tripped and we thought she had broken her arm, twisted her ankle badly and fell and knocked herself out.....All involved trips to hospital.....Luckily she had every single accident at school and I thought to myself I am so glad it did happen at school. I felt like if they had happened at home social services would have been sure to be involved....

  4. That sounds awful for your friend. I can understand why the procedures are in place but lives are being ruined due to accidents.

  5. She is feeling much better now, gets annoyed when she can't do something but generally fine. Gosh you are "lucky" that happened at your daughters school, bless her. We shouldn't have to feel relieved though as it shouldn't really cross our minds.

  6. Oh bless her, poor little thing. I totally understand your concerns re social services but it really isn't worth worrying about. I have some professional experience in this field and believe me, even social workers' children have accidents, they do understand. I'm so glad M is on the mend now, it's so upsetting when they're hurt. I hope you are also recovering from the trauma.xx