Just a girl standing in front of a boy

Just a girl standing in front of a boy - Lucy-Anne Holmes

I am not normally someone who reads romance novels as I tend to go for crime and murder mysteries but I saw this when I was in the library and though I would try it out.

This is the first book I have read by Lucy-Anne Holmes and I had never heard of her so I was not sure what to expect. I also had not read any reviews of this book beforehand so I went into this with no expectations but I can honestly say I will be looking to see if she has any other novels that I can borrow from the library when I am next there.

Jenny Taylor, Fanny, sees her world turned around a little when her mother unexpectedly leaves her dad and turns up at Fanny's workplace looking for a bed.

Not long after her mum turns up Fanny gets engaged to her boyfriend Matt and says yes, just at the same time as a mysterious strangers, Joe King, turns up and turns her world around.

Is Matt, her first boyfriend, the man she wants to be with or is she falling in love with Joe?

This is a very easy read, great for nights when you are tired but need something simple to read. The words just seem to flow easily from page to page and I found that I just had to read another chapter, then another chapter and then another chapter until suddenly at the end of the book.

I loved the characters and felt like I could get to know them. They seemed real and likeable.

The book states it is hilarious but I have to admit that, although funny, it was not hilarious. I did enjoy it but I never caught myself laughing out loud like I have with other books.

There are twists and turns throughout the story which help create a great storyline.

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  1. I recently read a Caitlin Moran book that was called hilarious but I probably laughed out once maybe I wasn't the correct audience for this book! I don't normally read books where you have this love triangle or possible cheating but this one sounds a good read x

  2. Sounds like a perfect holiday read #weekendbookclub

  3. That is exactly what it is, a holiday read!

  4. It is a great read if you are looking for something easy to read. I would recommend it.

  5. This sounds great for me, I am like you and I tend to go for the more gritty books, but I am taking part in the Good Reads 2015 Challenge and I am waaaaaaay behind. I'm looking for nice easy reads that are fun to read and don't take chapter upon chapter to get into. I may have to see if I can find this in my local library. :) Ray xx

  6. Ahh the good old Goodreads challenge! I plan to read 50 but I am 3 behind at the moment. This one can be read in a couple of nights so add it to the list of you need to catch up!

  7. These are the kind of books I enjoy, I find them easy to pick up and put down which I need when running ground after the boys!