The cat in the hat

The cat in the hat - Dr Seuss

I will admit that although this is obviously a well known book I have never actually, to my knowledge, read it - until this week when I took it out of the library for M.

I will admit that the cat is, in my view, a very creepy cat and looks anything but a cat so for me this is a bit of an odd thing to have in a children's book but taking the picture of the Cat in the Hat aside the book isa fun read.

I love the rhythm if this book which means that although it is much longer than most of the books we read to M the book is read pretty quickly.

The rhyming is creative and reads so well and I did put it down at the end knowing that I will read this one again to M before we return her books to the library in the next week or two.

I don't think I am overly fond of the story though - the cat is mischievous and gets into all sorts of trouble despite being asked not to so he is not perhaps the best role model for youngsters. I guess not all books have to be about good role models and so I presume older kids will enjoy the naughtiness of the cat. Also the mum has left her two kids at home alone? Maybe I am thinking too deeply into this!

It is a book I can see being read over the years and I would probably add this to M's library as I just love rhyming books so this would be ideal despite the less than perfect storyline (yep I have turned into my mother even considering the issues of the plot lol).

Training Mummy

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  1. I have never read this book....I have seen the film though.

  2. I remember my mum really didn't like Dr Seuss books, I did get some out of the library a few times as a kid, but I never really understood why everyone thought they were so good.

    I've not read any to D&E yet....

  3. Cat, hat. In French chat, chapeaux. In Spanish it's El gato en el sombrero.

    I've read the book dozens of times to all my kids, but hadn't opened up the Pandora's box of Dr. Seuss with Hectic Grandson yet. While Fox In Socks is my favorite (it's scary, but I can recite about 90% of it), The Cat In the Hat is right up there.

    We actually use the Cat as an example of how *not* to act. Our kids have always been taught that the children in the story were doing the right least until the Cat convinces them to do otherwise. We also focused on the cleaning up aspect at the end to help them understand that you have to clean up your messes. Unfortunately, it appears (from looking about my house at the moment) that this message failed to sink in for long.

    There's a message and lesson in every book, you just have to sometimes push the clutter aside to get there.

    Thanks for the reminder about this book. Make it a great day...and keep reading!