25 weeks pregnant

25 weeks update - only 15 weeks to go.

Here we are, writing yet another pregnancy update, and getting my head round the fact that I am 25 weeks pregnant already.

At times I feel like I have ages to go until we are due (15 weeks, or 12 until we are full term) but at the same time I feel like it was just yesterday that we thought about trying for another baby.

What vegetable are you?

At 25 weeks Button has now grown to be the size of a swede (or as we call them here turnips) around 34 cm in length and 1.5lb in weight!


Still none! Can you believe it! I am so happy so far. By 20 weeks I had to, forcibly, take off my wedding rings (so sad when I had only been married for 12 weeks by then) but this time round my rings are still loose and I am constantly playing with them. I don't thin my feet have changed size yet either.


Nothing new has occurred since my previous post - boobs hurt, heartburn, faintness, tiredness etc.

I am starting to feel huge and fat at the moment. More fat than pregnant to be honest.

Baby update

At 25 weeks Button is moving about so much but cheekily stops moving them minute my hubby or I try to feel the kicks from the outside. Yes we have felt it but it just seems to sense that mummy or daddy are wanting to feel kicks and it stops. Dash.

This week Button's body a parts are continuing to grow in proportion to each other and his or her body is filling up with body fat.

Hair continues to grow and is starting to develop texture and colour (oh what colour is your hair going to be little one?).

Capillaries are developing and filling with blood and by the end of this week air sacs will develop in Button's lungs.

Button's nostrils are also preparing themselves for the outside word and are starting to open. The vocal chairs are also getting ready to be used too!

Training Mummy

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  1. You definitely do not look fat, you have a lovely baby bump! Yay to no swelling xx

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