A dress for summer

Dressed for summer, now we just need the weather

For a while I have been meaning to take part in the Weekend Baby Style link so since we had a dress for M I thought I would take the plunge and join this week.

With summer, hopefully, on its way the shops are full of bright clothing so I am in heaven when it comes to picking up bits and bobs for M as I LOVE colour. Yesterday we were in ASDA when I saw this dress and me and my hubby loved it.

If there is ever a dress that screams summer it has to be this one!

It buttons on the back and has a petticoat as well.


Multi Floral Sun Dress - George at Asda: £10

Comes in sizes 9 months to 7 years.


This is a 3-6 month cardigan again from George at ASDA which is, obviously, no longer stoked.


I have no idea where I got these tights as they have no labels on them. They have tiny hearts on them which are lovely and I am sure they came in a few colours.

The front of the dress has a bow on it, which I was a bit unsure of until I put it on M, which adds to the overall design of the dress.

Now we just need some sunny days to allow us to take of the cardigan and vest and really wear this summer dress as intended.

When is the sun coming?

Since this is what M wore I have included some of the nappies she had on.

Cloth nappy:

This is a birth to potty nappy (BTP) so one size should fit all!

This is such a great happy nappy with the lovely wee frogs on it!

Cloth nappy:

Another BTP nappy so should fit all sizes.

This is so bright and cheerful and M loves the characters on it. Who wouldn't want to have a nappy that is as bright and funky as this?

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  1. Hello from #weekendbloghop! This dress is so bright and summery, I really love the print :) Wish they had it in adult size! I always thought cloth nappies were made out of white towelling material, I didn't realise how funky they are these days! Sabrina xx

  2. Welcome to #weekendbabystyle!! And what a fab dress to join us with. What beautiful colours. I think I saw this in. Asda the other day. They've got lots of nice prints going on in their ranges just now. And such fab prices as well! That cardigan is such a grey colour, I love bright summer colours! She is such a little doll. Thanks so much for linking up and hope you have a great weekend! Hope to see you next week xx

  3. Love the summer dress! So cute!

  4. That dress is so sweet! I love colour, too.