Cloth nappies have made me eco friendlier #recyclingweek

Cloth nappies have helped make me eco-friendlier

A few days ago if you had asked if I was eco friendly I would have answered no without pausing but when speaking to cloth nappy users and reading information about #RecycleWeek I have come to realise that I am far more eco-friendly than I first imagined.

The thing that got me thinking was when someone asked what we thought if cloth nappies in terms in being eco friendly. Well I immediately thought to myself that I had not considered this as an option to be honest. I chose cloth nappies, mainly, because they have such amazing designs and that we would save money. It took us months to really use them all the time with M but as soon as we thought about having baby number two we realised just how much money we could save if we used cloth on a more full time basis (although we do use disposables from time to time). Instantly we noticed that we never had to think about buying a box of nappies when we were out shopping. In fact months go by before we think about buying another small packet.

Before our council changed our bins, to encourage recycling, we only had a small box to put our recycling into and shamefully months could go buy without us putting anything into the box. Everything just went into the waste bin. Then our waste bin was shrunk and our recycling bin made into a big wheelie bin and so we actively started recycling. Strangely I realised that I enjoy the idea of putting things out to recycle. There are now times that we have so much recycling to put out every other week that we have had to borrow our neighbours bin.

At the same time as noticing how much more we could do with recycling I also realised that one of the few items that got thrown in our waste bin was M's disposable nappies. Once we stopped putting her in these every day we went from struggling to fit everything in the bin on bin day to having a half empty bin every two weeks!

Now when we do put M into a disposable, which we do at night if we have run out of night nappies, I get so annoyed if she does a poo in a new nappy. What a waste. A waste of money, a waste of rubbish! Had that been a cloth nappy it would simply have been out into the wash or of it was still dry and clean once the liner was removed then a new liner and back on. This has been one of the biggest turning points for me.

I would say that most of my change of opinion on recycling has been due to using cloth nappies. I have even sat down and made my own liners out of old fleece clothing, or we often buy from Facebook groups to reuse nappies. I have no idea of how many nappies we have saved going into landfill but I can happily put my hands up and say I am helping the environment!

Taking cloth nappies out of the equation and just having a child makes you reuse things. Whether that is clothing, toys, furniture or even using toilet rolls for craft activities or planning shopping trips to avoid food waste. All in all it doesn't actually take much to become eco friendly and it is achievable to all.

I was looking in M's toy box and realised that many of the toys in the box as eco-friendly in the sense that we bought them at a local second hand market. Even Button has a few items which we saw for sale online saving us so much money and keeping an item away from the waste tip.

I also like crafting and when I have clothes that are no longer fit for purpose I can hear cogs in my head whirring at what I could make M to wear, or what toy I could make Button!

I guess what made me think I was not eco-friendly was, rather narrow-minded of me to think, that I am not a "hippy". What an awful thing to think but I will admit that when people mention eco-friendly to me this is the first image I have. Dreadlocks, flowers, flares etc.

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