First steps

Better later than never

Since M broke her arm over two weeks ago we have put her walking on a back burner just incase she fell and hurt her arm more.

Having stopped trying to get her to walk I have noticed that she has wanted to walk more and as she only had the option to walk with one hand held her balance has improved so much over the space of two weeks.

Then today she seemed to show some interest in walking for herself, fair enough she is not walking far, only a few steps - I think she managed half a dozen or so by herself - but this is a huge improvement on nothing and makes me think she might actually have found her feet by the time Button arrives in September.

She has "walked" towards the sofa or between us before but it was more a case of moving her legs as she fell, in this case you can see she is trying to keep herself up. She has done better than this blurred video and I am so proud of her!

For someone who spent 9 months of her life visiting the physiotherapist because her head was always held to the side I couldn't have hoped for a better and happier child now.

Hopefully it won't be long until she is running about everywhere and maybe she will get to run in the fields or at the beach this summer!

Next step is encouraging her to balance by herself for more than a few seconds at a time but I can see that coming after she has mastered walking if I am honest.

Training Mummy

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  1. ah, so sweet! Well Done M! They seem to suddenly master it and then there's no stopping them!