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Everyday I am amazed by how much M is growing up and how her interests and skills are starting to really show and her most recent obsession is arts and crafts, especially stickers, drawing and painting so who am I to stop her having fun, especially as her "art" makes such great gifts for her family.

Just recently it was my wedding anniversary and I was stumped on what to get my hubby. With limited funds I thought I would recreate a special memory that we have, with a little help from Molly.
We got engaged in New York and I was taken to Tiffany's to choose the proper ring. On our way there we came across the LOVE sign, which was obviously really meaningful for us at the time.

So I thought why not get some help from M and her paints to make a little reminder of that special day?

This was a really easy activity and only required a hand and her feet, some paint, a paint brush and the canvas.

Although simple and costing next to nothing to do (basically just the cost of a canvas which I got cheap from Home Bargains) it has created a wonderful and lasting memory if our time in New York and the day we got engaged.

Needless to say my husband loved it - and so do I!

Next up with Father's Day which I also decided to make a canvas print with as this time M could really get involved, and messy and make a lovely image for her daddy.

This was simple and just required some tape (which I should have used masking tape but only had decorative tape handy).

Tape the canvas with the design you want. In our case I love dad. Then once the tape is pushed down (which M loved doing - and pulling it back off), it is tie to paint over.

At the moment M loves to use every available colour so this became a bit of a mess and at one point I thought we would have a lovely brown mess but it turned out much better than I had hoped.

The heart did not work well so I just went over it with paint.

Again it is another much loved piece of personal art that will be treasured for a long time yet.

As a bonus it give M time to enjoy painting, make a mess and to have some of her creations kept forever!

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Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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  1. cute! We have some ikea curtain wire things that we display D&E's artworks on - they take great delight in pointing out the new additions to daddy when he gets home from work x