Enjoying the sun with Little Swimmers

Put on a swim nappy and let your kids cool down with water!

This is the first summer when M has been able to enjoy the water in a fun and cooling way whilst being in the UK. She did get to swim in the sea and outdoor pool when we went to Greece last year but otherwise the summer was spent in the shade. So this year we are making the most of her being that little bit older (she was not moving last summer) and putting on her swimming costume and a Huggies Little Swimmer nappy and enjoying some fun with water (her paddling pool is her newest favourite place to play).

In a recent post I set out a few places I would love to take M this summer that involved keeping cool in the water and we went to our first place today but sadly the paddling pool was closed due vandalism so instead we visited the beach which was right next to the park to see if M would be happy enough to play in the sea.

Within seconds it was obvious that she loved paddling in the water and, although my feet were freezing, she was so keen to keep walking deeper and deeper into the sea.

I am kind of glad that the paddling pool was closed now as I doubt we would have gone to the beach thinking the sea would probably be a bit cold for her. She loved it, in fact when it was time to go and get some dinner she was not happy about leaving the water! It was a bit cold for swimming but she did sit down a few times. Even although we were in the water for ages we didn't need to worry about any accidents thanks to our Huggies Little Swimmer nappy.

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This is the first day of my husband's holidays so we have loads of chances revisit this park with the hope that the paddling pool will be fixed and we hope to visit the other places within the next fortnight.

Where do you love taking your children when the weather is nice?

We were gifted a packet of Huggies Little Swimmers for free. All opinions within this post are mine and mine alone.

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