One, two, baa, moo - Little Tiger Kids

Great first book of counting

One, Two, Baa, Moo - Little Tiger Kids

Having books that help to educate Molly whilst still being fun is something that we love to have at the moment, especially if they have something that keeps M's attention as well so when we were offered a copy of One, Two, Baa, Moo - A pop-up book of counting - we just couldn't say no.

This is a 12 page book which has incredible pop up sections on each double page spread, featuring a different farm animal to count on each page. As well as having such great pop-up sections there is also a lovely and catchy poem that takes you through the counting of each animal on the page - so lovely that I find myself singing the story rather than just reading it.

As with all Little Tiger Kids books the book is illustrated well and used nice and bright illustrations that really keep M's attention.

It is a great book that allows M and I to talk about things on each page, from the animals features, to what noise they make or what they like to eat.

M loves to open and close the pages so that the animals move, especially the Three chirpy chicks whose beaks open and close when she does this.

This is a great book to use when first introducing numbers but is equally as good a book if all you want is a lovely wee story to read at bed time.

We were sent this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are ours and ours alone.

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