Opening her horizons

Suddenly her world has got so much bigger

As the warm weather arrives I am so pleased to say that M has finally found her feet and is walking everywhere! I am pleased, not because she is walking as such, but because I know how frustrated she was not being able to walk.

Going to the park has now taken on a new twist. No longer do I have to lift her everywhere from swing to pushchair. No, not now. Now she will walk to whatever thing she wants to play with and at the same time as finding her feet she has discovered a whole new world, including suddenly being so much more interested in play parks in general.

Before she walked we would have a shot of the swings and that was that. Now she wants to try a shot of everything with her favourites being the chute and roundabout. It also means that she tires herself out and instead of singing in her bed for a couple of hours at night (quite content and happy to be in bed) she will actually fall asleep much faster!

I am in awe at how quickly she has worked out that walking is the best way to travel. Of course she still falls but she will walk round the shops, in the park, round the house, in the garden. Just two days ago I would have told you that she would only walk in the house. Until yesterday she had only taken two or three steps outdoors but now she is off.

But there is a problem!

The one problem I have is that although she can walk she can't actually stand up without pulling on something or leaning against a wall so when she falls or sits in the middle of an open space she can only get back to standing if we hold her hand and pull her up. How do we teach her to do this herself? I don't mind doing it but she does seem to get annoyed if we are not there within a nanosecond to help her back up!
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  1. Ah yay I am glad she's off now! Like with everything she will learn herself how to get up, don't worry about her getting annoyed that is what will spur her on to work out how to do it!

  2. Think that is just what I am going to have to do, just hate people looking at me when she moans to get back up when in the park etc.

  3. It's so hard at this stage as what they want to do outstrips what they want to do and they get so frustrated. She master the whole standing up thing before you know it. Thank you for linking up.with #sharethejoy

  4. awww, its such a testing age - they know what they want to do but they haven't quite mastered the physical movements and how to manipulate their limbs to do what they want to. She will master getting herself up in due course xx