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Play and learn colours - Roger Priddy

Learning has to be fun for a child to pay attention and pick things up and one way M loves to learn is to spend time talking with a book. Play and learn colours is a great board book that allows her to do all the things she loves the most - talk, play and read.

The front cover really took M's interest when we got this book as it features an indented circle in the middle of the page that provided her with 3D fun (the circle is cut out on each page within the book so indents inwards).

We have a few first 100 word books but I really don't think you can have too many. This one is slightly different than the others that we have as this has some fun things to do on each page, from sliding tabs, to touch and feely parts,  or a wonderful colour wheel that spins!

Each page features a different colour with photographs and words to go with a number of different images within that colour - green broccoli, red rose, blue shoes etc.

M loves this book because it has things for her little hands to play with and she especially loves the colour wheel at the back which she spins round and round for ages!

She loves pointing at each image for me to tell her what they are and constantly moves from one page to another before going back to the beginning again.

I have had a few tears when I have put this book away so we can go out, or have tea, which I think goes to show how loved it is by M and I can see us using this book a lot over the years to help with her vocabulary and colour recognition.

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