Toddler's togs - 5

How grown up does she look

So it has been a while since I did a fashion feature for M as we have been just so busy or I have been too tired to post anything but when I put M in this outfit today I just had to take a few pictures as she looks so very cute and grown up in it.


The top is an old one that we bought from Tesco months ago, probably around Christmas time and despite it being a 6-9 months top it still fits M well enough.

When this top was out the had some lovely colours in store, lilacs and mint greens which was a welcome change from all the pink that they always stock. Don't get me wrong, I love pink, but sometimes a change from pink is good and I love seeing M in colours other thank bright or pastel pinks.

I love the flower on this top, it just adds lovely wee touch to it (even if it is pink and I was just saying I liked a change from pink lol).


£7.50 - £8.50 - from Next (for a dark denim version)

An item that can be found in a lot of female's wardrobes is a denim skirt. No matter what the weather is a denim skirt if a welcome addition to any little girl's (or big kid's) wardrobe as it can be worn with tights in the winter or with bare legs in the summer (or what you get of summer when you are in Scotland).

We bought this skirt a while back and what I love about it (and is much needed for M) is the elasticated waistband which can be adjusted. This is great as this is a size 6-9 month skirt from Next and it is still on one of the smallest waistband settings.

Although you can't buy this skirt from Next anymore they have a dark denim skirt available which look very similar.


I have no idea where these socks came from but they would most probably have been from ASDA or Tesco.


Sketchers: £28.99 from Amazon

Okay I will admit this now. The reason I wanted pictures of this outfit was because of the shoes that we got today. At there moment M is in an in-between size of shoes at 3.5 so it is hard to find many shoes for her that are not Clarks. I thought I would order these as they were a size 4 and yes they are too big for M but that didn't stop her wanting to wear them all day.

I love bright colours and so I just had to order these, one side is blue and purple and the other side of the shoe is yellow and orange. The toes of the shoes have three lights on them which light up whilst M walks (or stomps her feet because she realises that activates the lights too).

When I opened the box all I got was an excited "ooooooooooooooo" from M who just couldn't wait for me to take then out and put them on her feet.

They are wide shoes so I have to velcro (which is pink glitter with a sparkly bow) them closed tightly as M has narrow feet but she found no problem in walking round the house all day in them.

I was just disappointed that the size 4 I ordered was a toddler 4 and not an adult 4!

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  1. Oh my goodness those trainers are amazing! I want a pair for myself! Too cool! xx

  2. What a lovely little outfit! And what a super cute little face. She's so sweet! I'm loving that top. The pastel colours and the flower detail are lovely. It goes really well with the denim skirt, which is a lovely wash of denim. Eeek those shoes are fun! Glitzy and jazzy! I'm not surprised she got excited about them. Thank you so much for linking up and hope you're having a great weekend :) xx #weekendministyle

  3. Lovely outfit and those shoes are just amazing! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  4. FAB outfit! I'm a big fan of denim skirts for myself, but my 3yo daughter, Syd doesn't have any. I must rectify that! #TT_Thursday

  5. Awe she's so cute!! Love the shoes!! X