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My pretty little flower

For Christmas and M's birthday she was gifted a lot of pretty clothing in size 12-18 months and now, aged almost 18 months we are starting to get to wear some of the clothing.

This outfit came as a top and leggings and was from ASDA George and I love it. The colours of the flowers really come out against the background of the navy.

The top has a tier at the back so I can tie it to fit round M's waist nicey and the fabric is a nice soft cotton.

As it is summer in Scotland we layered the top with a long sleeved top, obviously, which I think the yellow fit in quite well with it.

The fitted nature of the top add a little extra touch, adding more dimension to the top.

What I like about the leggings is that, unlike so many other brands, these ones actually fit lie leggings on M. She has got ridiculously skinny legs and most leggings look more like trousers then leggings when we put them on her. Also they fit on her waist a bit better than most.

The sandals are from Mothercare (£12) and we love them. We had these in a size 2 when M was younger and I was so sad when she out grew them that I just had to buy them in the next size for her.

The front of the sandal has a heart cut out and I just love them. It is a pity that I could not predict what size of feet M would have next summer or I would be buying some more sandals for her in that size too!

When she wears these sandals we get so many comments from people who admire her shoes.

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  1. Such a cute outfit and I really love the yellow sandals! Gorgeous! xx

  2. So lovely. I love the pops of yellow..very cute!! :-) #weekendministyle

  3. Aw how sweet is this outfit! The top looks so cute with the long sleeves underneath. Practical and stylish! The flower print looks really sweet and the Pink in it matches the leggings perfectly. Those Mothercare sandals are lovely. We were in there today and there's lots of lovely shoes at the moment! Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you're having a great weekend :) xx #weekendministyle

  4. Such a sweet outfit and the added sandals and yellow top really do finish it off nicely. #TT_Thursday

  5. Love the yellow shoes, really sets off the outfit.

  6. ah, such a cute little outfit. She is so much a little girl and not a baby any more now x

  7. Oh what a gorgeous little outfit. My three year old is small for her age and her little sister (15 months) is big for her age. This proves quite useful because their outfits are pretty much interchangeable already. If I need spare clothes I know that as long as I've grabbed two tops and two pairs of trousers, we'll be fine whoever they belong to!x

  8. Soooo cute!! gorgeous outfit and beautiful shoes!! #TT_thursday