Breastfeeding anxieties - so confused what to do!

Can I cope with failure again?

With only 8 weeks to go until our due date I have started to worry about breastfeeding again.

Last time I was adamant that I would breastfeed and, at the time, was anti formula feeding. I understood the benefits of breastfeeding, health benefits and financial benefits, so I was absolutely gutted to find that M had no interest in breastfeeding (or bottle feeding for that matter but at least you can stick a bottle in her mouth to get her going). She would not latch on at all, even with a bottle she would not open her mouth for it but for the first month and a half I tried my best to get M to have as much breastmilk as possible.

When we were in the hospital we did get some help from breastfeeding support workers but they seemed as stumped as we did about how to get M to latch. The midwifes didn't have the time to help and forced us to bottle feed, telling us we would not get home if M wasn't bottle fed. During this time one midwife did give us a breast-pump to use and we did but we were greeted with laughter when only 1ml was expressed after 30 minutes.

We went home having fed with a bottle and even then M was just taking 5-10mls a time. She just wasn't a hungry baby.

When home we spoke to the midwife about breastfeeding and she said my milk would be delayed because I had had a c-section and because I was so unwell. Why had no-one at the hospital told me this? She did not help with breastfeeding but did book me an appointment with the breastfeeding support worker who was on holiday at the time.

In the week we were at home I tried where I could to breastfeed but I felt useless. How do you hold a baby on your boob? How do you get them to open their mouth? How do you get them to stop crying when you try? How do you stop crying when your baby refuses to latch on? It was just awful.

Then the support worker came and just said to me that I had two options: 1, I could keep trying but she did not think M would ever take to the breast and I could fall into depression and resent feeding or, 2, I could give a bottle and enjoy the time I have with my baby when she is small. This was the turning point for me. When an expert tells you that you should bottle feed and enjoy life. I am so glad she came even if she couldn't help me.

I did express milk from a borrowed hospital grade breast pump for a month or so but even this became to much for me to cope with.

Fast forward another pregnancy and this time I just don't know what to do. Of course I want the best start for my baby but can I hand the rejection of another baby who maybe won't want to latch on? Can I cope with the feeling of devastation if I fail at breastfeeding once again?

I want to try again with breastfeeding again but I think I am more anxious and worried about what will happen this time. I feel more awkward about how to position a baby on my breast. I am worried because I know just how upset I would get about breastfeeding when I tried, and failed, with M. I am also confused because this time around I know that formula feeding is not the evil that I had thought it was last time.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Your story sounds almost identical to mine. When I was pregnant with Heath, I was determined to be able to breastfeed second time round but again it didn't happen. Both babies were born by c-section and both had problems with their latch. The experts couldn't get either babies to latch properly and I was constantly referred to another specialist.
    I'm ok with not breastfeeding because, like you said, formula isn't evil and as long as you and baby are happy then nothing else matters. Bx

  2. Well I didn't know that about the milk being delayed because I had had a c-section.....
    Wishing you the best of luck in whatever you decide....I had a rubbish time trying to breastfeed but that was down to the lack of support I had.....Just remember as long as your baby is fed, that's all that matters x

  3. I am okay with not breastfeeding last time (though I have recently started to cry again when I think about it so maybe I am not?) but I would really love to experience it. I don't think I got enough help last time but spoke to midwife today who has suggested I transfer back to the midwife unit after I have baby in the hospital so I can get so much more support. Fingers crossed

  4. I didn't know either until the midwife told me after I had gotten home. Have searched online and research seems to agree. I do think a lot is down to support too and hopefully I will get much more help this time.

  5. Oh hun, you never know it might be totally different this time!Try not to worry.With my daughter I had c-section and I had to beg to breastfeed her as they were saying I wouldn't be able to.I only dug my heels in as it was my 3rd.I really struggled to start with as she was tongue/lip tied and sobbed my heart out many a time but we got there.When there's little support it makes it 10 times harder so I hope with the right help you might get a better experience and if it doesn't happen then you know you did your best and your child is loved however they are fed.

  6. So glad you got there. Know the feeling of sitting sobbing over it and just so scared that this will affect me, my newborn and my toddler (and hubby too). Hopefully with more support we will get there, hopefully.