Melissa & Doug Shopping Trolley

Cute, sturdy and long lasting

Recently I was so excited to go out an buy a shopping trolley for M that matched a trolley that I had at the same sort of age. I have wanted to buy one for her for ages as she loves putting things in boxes at home or putting things in the trolley when we go shopping. I bought one that was identical, or so I thought, of the one I had as a child but sadly I was so disappointed in the quality of the item that it ended up being binned almost as soon as we got home. The plastic was thin, the wheels warped and M just could not push it as it was so badly made. I will admit I was gutted.

We then started to google shopping trolleys for kids and found the Melissa & Doug Shopping Trolley but with prices ranging from £50 - £60 we just could not justify getting one. Luckily I saw one for sale on Gumtree for £15 and jumped at the chance to buy it, even though it was a wee drive away we had wanted a trip down that way for a while so killed two birds with one stone.

On collecting the items we thought it looked pristine, though not knowing what one looked like new we were not sure. As soon as we got home M instantly loved it and I will say that the price tag of £50-£60 suddenly became understandable. The trolley is of such great quality, Imagine a supermarket trolley but shrunk. It has a good weight and is made, from what I can see, the same materials as a supermarket trolley and having worked in a supermarket I know they are not cheap.

I was worried it might actually be too heavy for M to push but she can manage it across carpet with a bit of effort but manages fine when it is on the wooden decking outside or when we took it for a trip round Tesco. Although not needed the trolley has three stoppers that help prevent it tumbling if being pulled up on.

We then saw a brand new one for same in a garden centre near here and I can honestly say the trolley we have is in good as new condition but had we not managed to grab ourselves a bargain I would be happy enough to buy at full price for a Christmas or birthday present. In fact I would buy one in a heartbeat for a gift.

I can see this being used for years and not a mark being made on it.

I have found it reduced to £45.69 in Amazon and would highly recommend this to anyone with a child from 1+ (although it says 3+).

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Ahh how cute!! :) she looks like such a big girl!!

    1. I know. She loves it and yes she is getting so big now