Nothing in the world compares to having children

Life is wonderful since having children

As I get closer to the birth of baby number two I just can't believe how happy I am to be blessed with such a wonderful little girl already.

I watch her play, interact with people, learn, smile and just brighten the lives of everyone around her and realise that there is nothing in the world that compares to having children.

Yes there are times that I worry having two will be such hard work and I may begin to not enjoy being a mum quite so much as I currently do (M is such easy work that there is no way we could be as lucky as to have two angels), but I have to just remind myself that there will also be double the joy of watching them interact with one another, grow up together (and hopefully have another brother or sister sometime in the not so distant future) and just generally watch my children develop into their own individual characters.

Who knew that watching as your child pointed to images they recognised could make you feel so proud (thanks Priddy Books). Such a seemingly simple task but yet such an achievement for a youngster. Even watching M go to the shop (the shed) and ask for some treats then feeding the guinea pigs them brings such pride and admiration of her. Before having kids I would never have understood how they could be such a great thing to watch but now I have a child I love it.

"I thought going to the park might be boring but I love going so much"

Even things like going to the park are joys I thought I might not enjoy. I imagined sitting watching, hoping we could go home soon but in actual fact I look forward to going to the park as often as we can - we have even had a few picnics in the rain in the park recently and they have been such fun.

Then there is the times when you go into the bedroom at night when they are sleeping and you can spend hours just sitting watching. I mean, pre-children this could come across as perfectly stalkerish but now I have children it is so normal and such a lovely thing to do.

"You can spend hours just sitting watching as your baby sleeps"

Of course there are moments you know you will find great delight in - the first word, first steps, first giggle, first smile, but as much as I love them it is the more unexpected things that really touch my heart. Things like the first unprompted kiss, or the bear hugs, or just watching as she follows simple instructions like get your socks and shoes.

Maybe I am just hormonal but I truly feel I have to pinch myself to make myself realise that this life is mine and it really is the best thing I could ever have asked for.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. Completely agree 100%! The park is so much fun to a little one, might not be much to you but in their eyes its amazing which then makes it amazing for you seeing the joy on thier face! We need to go to the park with you guys soon! Suz x

    1. See before I had M and even when she was just a dot I dreaded going to the park and now I just love it and so does she.