Dear pregnancy I have had enough now, thanks!

I want my baby in my arms now

I am fed up. Had enough. Shattered. Bored. Sore. (Yep you guessed it this is a ranty, moany post).

Yep at 37+5 weeks pregnant I can officially say I have had enough of being pregnant. The most annoying thing is that I am realistic to think that I will not go into labour any time soon as M was 2 weeks late and even an induction drip did not help move her.

I had an okay night's sleep last night and still I feel like I need to prop my eyelids open with match sticks. I just don't want to move at all. I am so incredibly tired, even when I was only getting an hour sleep a night I did not feel this tired.

This pregnancy has been so different from M's (could it be a boy?) and I have been lucky that the tiredness has only kicked in now. With M I was tired for the first 37 weeks of pregnancy lol. Movements are stronger this time (even though I have an anterior placenta) and they hurt so much at the moment which I can only assume is the baby trying to push down?

I know having a newborn will be just as exhausting as I will not kid myself and think it will sleep as well as M did (yep I actually gained sleep and energy post birth).

I just want to have my body back. To not feel exhausted with every movement. To exercise. To be able to go long walks.

I want to be able to run after M in the park and play that bit more with her. To climb climbing frames with her in the park instead of watching from the sidelines whilst hubby has all the fun. I want to be a fun mum again.

Until I started to write this I did not realise how emotional I was about how I feel but now I have tears running down my cheeks.

Right time to ditch tonights stew for a HOT curry, go for long walk, eat pineapple...

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. aw I remember the feeling well, I think having a toddler to run around after makes the tiredness so much worse. The last few weeks of my last pregnancy I had zero energy and rarely even left the house. Good luck for labour it wont be much longer xx

    1. Thank you, labour could not come fast enough to be honest. I just want my body back and some energy. Just being able to roll about on the floor and play with M would be great.

  2. awww, hope you don't have long to go! I never really got to the fed up stage with either D or E's pregnancy thankfully. Not long to go now... the end is in sight!

    1. With M I didn't get fed up as I had nothing else to do and I was enjoying being off work (it was over Christmas and New Year so had lots of distractions) but this time I am just struggling to do what I would love to do with M, just simple playing etc.

  3. Oh lovely its so bloody hard being pregnant isn't it? I'm only 25 weeks and can't wait for it to be over lol. I really hope baby comes soon for you x