Park Life!

Loving exploring in parks and play areas

Something I will admit that I dreaded when I became a mum was going to the park. I need not have worried as I can quite simply say that going to the park is one of my most favourite things to do with M.

M loves the park and gets so excited when she realises where she is going. Of course the more chutes there are the better for her!

Another huge bonus is that the park is a free activity and where we live there re a huge number of awesome packs to choose from within a short drive from the house (or a short walk for a smaller and less impressive park).

I think the best thing about going to the park (other than tiring the little miss out) is that she gets to explore the work in a safe environment whilst having so much fun. Getting fresh air, getting dirty nd having fun. What more could a little girl ask for?

I am now so looking forward to having two children who will (hopefully) play together in the park and have so much fun making memories together.

When M was little swings were her favourite and she would not have contemplated going on anything but the swing but now she would much rather climb up things and slide down things. She wants to crawl under equipment and just generally keep moving.

I hope her love for the park continues for a long time as it is such an easy activity and we try and go to the park as often as possible (at least four times a week). I also can't wait to not be pregnant and sore so I can join in the fun a little bit more.

One unexpected thing about going to the park is that we have explored so many more places in our local area ad found some amazing play spaces that we never knew about. Without looking for places to take M we would never have found many of these areas. Some have the added bonus of serving cake!

What is your favourite activity?

What do you love doing with your children? Were you surprised with how much fun you had doing certain activities that you thought might have been dull?

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. there are a couple of lovely parks near us - every time we drive past a local one Mr D always points it out to me. I enjoy being out an exploring the world with me two too... lots of fun to be had x

    1. It is great as you get to witness the world from the eyes of a child. A park is suddenly more than just swings but it is about laughter, adventure, joy - things I did not appreciate until M showed me.