Spending our last few days as a family of three!

Cherishing our final few days with just one child

I knew as soon as I got pregnant that the closer I got to the due date, the more I would feel guilty about M not being an only child anymore. We are not six days away from our due date adn have been trying to spend as much time as possible cherishing time with M on her own.

For 19 months M has been the centre of our world but for much of that 19 months she has been such an independent young lady that she is just as happy playing on her own than with others. Don't get me wrong she absolutely loves company and adores chattering all day but she is happy playing with her toys herself. When she was younger I used to feel guilty as I felt I should be on the floor playing with her more but she would often just move to a different toy.

For the past two weeks she has become a proper mummies girl and has been cuddling me so much more but at the same time she is happy playing with herself too. I feel she senses something is happening but I have no worries that she will not get on with the baby and other than a settling in period I think she will love having a brother or a sister but for now I just want to spend so much time cuddling her and kissing her and making her feel so loved.

A lot of our activities revolve around her love of animals and dogs in particular. We have gone dog walks - she loves holding onto a lead (which is attached to the lead I have so she doesn't get pulled over) - and will walk so far if she has the dogs as a distraction. Her laughter will echo round the nature trail when the dogs are let off their leads and M watches them run around.

We are lucky to live close to the Guide Dogs Scotland Training School which had an open day at the weekend so we, of course, went there to see the dogs. M was in her element, running from one dog to another and back again. She loved dogs and I love to see how happy they make her. A great family day out that we will remember.

One of our cheap activities is a trip to the local Pets at Home store where M will run to the back of the shop to few the fish. I thought she would be more of a guinea pig or rabbit lover but it is definitely the fish that she loves the most. 

I just love spending so much quality time with M as I know that any day now she will be no longer be the sole child that I have to focus on. I don't think this will affect her as much as it will make me feel a bit guilty but I know she will be the best big sister you have ever met.

Now to spend more time cuddling and kissing and laughing and playing!

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.

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  1. Awww, I remember this. My top tip would be to include M in everything with her new baby brother/sister. EG: ask her should you change the nappy etc and could she be a big help and get a new nappy / wipes etc. It really helped me with D and it also meant I was doing stuff and talking to D as well as managing E's needs too.
    I also made sure I had a Mummy and D activity for when E was napping, eg a special book or cake making etc xxx