Nairns oatcakes make healthy meals in minutes

Tasty, healthy and quick

As a Scot you would be forgiven to think that I would be quite used to having oatcakes on a regular basis but you would be wrong. I will admit right now that oatcakes (to me) have always resembled cardboard but how wrong I could be.

Although my husband and daughter enjoy oatcakes with their soup it is not something that I think about as a meal idea so when I was offered the chance to review some Nairns oatcakes I thought "why not" as I am always looking for ideas for quick and easy meal ideas for me and my family.

I had never thought about using oatcakes as an alternative to bread to make a sandwich ideas so when I saw that suggested in the recipe book I put the bread back in the cupboard and put sandwich toppings on top of oatcakes. It was an instant success with M and me and lunch healthy and prepared so quickly.

Since then I have tried a number of toppings on top of oatcakes, from cheese and onion sandwich spread, tomato salsa, ham, cheese and tzatziki. All have gone down well with the whole family, from 20 month old M to me (a converted oatcake avoider) and my hubby. I just wish I had thought of putting flavoured toppings on top of oatcakes years ago.

The handy recipe guide is packed with meal ideas - all simple requiring no skill to make - as well as full of healthy eating information, from the benefits of oatcakes to hints and tips on how to get your child to eat healthy. Great for any parents with young children no matter how good an eater they are.

We were given a selection of oatcakes to enjoy: fine milled, rough and oat crackers with sunflower seeds as well as M's favourite - the Astro Bites (Berry flavoured biscuits).

The best thing about oatcakes is how healthy they are - no added sugar, high in fibre, wholegrain oats and no added flavours, colours or preservatives.

Oatcakes are very versatile and can be used as a main ingredient for breakfast, dinner or tea and so many different flavours can be added as toppings meaning you are never stuck for something different to eat whatever time of the day that it is. It can also mean that a meal can be rustled up in minutes. The only thing limiting your mealtimes if your imagination!

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