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Some newborn outfits

At two weeks old F does not have a huge wardrobe to choose from and when you are born weighing 9lb 8oz it seems finding clothing to fit is not so easy - first size only just fits and 0-3 swamp you. Nevertheless we have some awesome clothing already and I thought I would debut some on the first ever Tiny's Togs!


This outfit was a gift for F from his grandparents and came from TU at Sainsbury's. I therefore do not now how much it costs but what I do love is that the colour is mainly not blue. I have nothing about the colour blue but I have found that most options for boy's clothing is blue, blue, or blue! To have some orange in F's wardrobe is great.

The shirt is lovely and soft and has poppers and not buttons. This is always a bonus when trying to dress an uncooperative newborn baby. Infact I think buttons should be banned on all clothing aimed at children under 10 years old.

On the front there is a cute dinosaur that has been embroidered onto the shirt.

The trousers, although the look red in the picture, are a burnt orange colour and are made in cord material that is super soft and so comfy for a youngster to wear.


This is another outfit that was gifted to us and this time it comes from M&Co. It is an all in one suit although looks like it is serval different pieces of clothing.

As we generally only have sleep suits at the moment for F it is nice that he still gets the comfort of a sleep suit but gets to wear and "outfit".

With the weather turning cold this has a lovely wintery look to it which I think is adorable.

The touches of yellow brighten up the outfit and just make it complete.

The suit comes with a wee hat that matches and is also utterly adorable. We may have to get this is a bigger size so it can be worn all winter round.


One shop that seems to have bright clothing despite it being winter is Boots so I just knew I had to buy some sleep suits for F.

This sleepsuit was part of a 2 for £8 deal and as his daddy is a bus driver we just had to pick it.

There were a lot of designs to choose from and I've always found Boots to be good quality and this doesn't seem to be any different.

I think F will have a lot of bus related items in his wardrobe as he grows up.

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  1. Congratulations! He is adorable x #TT_Thursday

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