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Summer clothes in October?

Well it has been a while since I have done a Toddler's Togs (or many other posts for that matter) as to be honest I have been just too tired to do much. At 40+2 days pregnant I will probably not be able to do much blogging (or maybe I will through the long nights of feeding?) but hopefully I will get some more regular toddler's togs and maybe some Tiny's Togs too!!!

This week I have an unexpected summer outfit. I was going to go yesterday's outfit but M decided running round the garden naked was more fun so luckily we got more sun today and I got some, dodgy, photos.


This t-shirt we got in the summer when M broke her arm as it had nice and large arm holes that meant I could dress her a bit easier when she had a cast on. At the time I wasn't bothered about the design of the clothing other than ease of putting on but I am so glad I bought these (it was part of a 3-pack) as I love the elephant design.

I got these from ASDA and if I recall it was £5 for a pack of three so certainly value for money. There is plenty of space left for M to wear this yet which is great.


These shorts we bought in the Next Christmas sale and they come with dog patterned tights. I love the shape of the shorts (which most people think is a skirt) as it just really suits M.

The waist band on the shorts are adjustable which is essential for M as she is skinny and I struggle to find anything that doesn't just fall to her knees when I put them on. I am not the best at taking in waistbands so adjustable waistbands are loved in this household.


Sandals in Autumn? Oh go on then. These I have featured before and are from Mothercare and cost £12. They haven't been worn as much as I had hoped due to the weather so whenever the sun comes out even a little these get put on. I love the yellow happiness of these and M gets comments all the time when she has them on (and constantly points to them whenever she meets people).

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  1. It's been amazing weather hasn't it! Loving the shorts, they look so cute!

  2. I am in LOVE with her sandals!!!

  3. I love her colourful top, really cute! It's so nice to see a bit of warmth isn't it! Popping over from #weekendministyle and #TT_Thursday X

  4. Lovely outfit, this weather has been a lovely surprise before winter sets in x

  5. Such a lovely colourful outfit! I love the shorts! xx #weekendministyle

  6. Lovely outfit, the sandals are beautiful. Good luck with impending new arrival. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  7. We've been wearing summer clothes in autumn too and just layering them up with cardigans. #TT_Thursday #WeekendMiniStyle x

  8. We've had the same! The weather got good all of a sudden (same can't be said for today though!!). Such lovely action shots of her running around 😍 Those sandals are gorgeous and go really well with the outfit! The tee has a fab print and loving the bright colours. Thanks so much for linking up with us petal and hope you had a great weekend ☺️ #weekendministyle

  9. Gorgeous outfit!! And I'm jealous of your sunshine!! You're having a baby THIS MONTH! EEK!! #TT_Thursday