Settling in as a family of four

Hard at times but totally worth it

When you expand your family, whether it is to have the first child, or having an additional child, I think everyone spends much of their pregnancy wondering how things will go when they bring home their latest bundle of joy.

I worried about this from the minute the pregnancy test confirmed my hopes of being pregnant. How would we cope? How would M cope? How would we manage with less sleep? Would we wish we had stuck with just one child for a little longer? Nine months of worry.

Well I can honestly say we should not have worried because being a family of four is completely worth it (although I do not feel it is complete yet).

We have coped well. Yes there have been tears because F would not sleep unless held, or would not stop crying despite what we tried to do to sooth him. I have cried because breastfeeding has not gone according to plan (although he is getting some milk from me and that makes me happy). We have got annoyed because we just want five minutes to ourselves to sort out M's new room and almost instantly F has woken but when you think of all the times he has cried they can be outweighed by the times he hasn't.

We should never have worried about M she has taken to being a big sister like a duck out of water. She loves it. She constantly gives him kisses and cuddles and takes his hands to dance to her favourite songs on the radio. She gives me the change mat, wipes and nappies when I need to change him. She brings his jacket to me (without being asked) if we are going out and will make sure he has at least 10 blankets in his pram to keep him warm. She loves holding the bottle when he is feeding, or rocking his seat when he is in it. If he cries she demands me to comfort him even if we are in the middle os playing together. M I love you more than you can even imagine and my heart swells with pride with how great you have been.

Although F can be a bit unsettles and clingy at times during the day (we think he has silent reflux as he tends to get upset and cry at the same time as we see him swallow down old milk or after feed) he actually sleep so well at night, just like his big sister. We have been getting 11pm to 9am with wake ups at 4am and 6am. Means that all the plans I had to start going to parent and toddler groups have been put on hold again as once again we have not managed to get up in time! I had thought we would be getting up at early o'clock and be able to go. 

With M being so independent it has been easy enough to entertain both children although for the first few weeks I had suffered from mummy guilt with not being able to play with M as much as I had hoped. That is getting better now and I am actually getting the chance to cook healthy meals too. Juggling time is feeling less of a struggle and I feel I am getting into a much better routine. I have even left the house on my own with two kids two days in a row and managed to take them both to Bookbug by myself!

I know I am coping when I am already planning child three. Of course I will enjoy having two for now but I just know that one more will make my family more complete.

Training Mummy

Training Mummy is a 30 something mum to two beautiful children - a girl born February 2014 and a boy born in October 2015.


  1. I have found that having 2 children goes in phases of being easy and really bloody hard. The time that sticks out as hard when Alex started moving around and messing with Sebs toys, breaking his train tack or puzzles and Sebastian getting cross because he didn't understand that Alex didn't know better. It's definitely feeling pretty easy now they are 3 and 4.

    1. Oh I am not looking forward to F stealing M's toys. He sat too close to her dolly today and she got upset lol. I guess regardless of what age they are there will be hard times. Well worth it though in the long run!